Tech jargon can be complicated – but thanks to Vox, it doesn’t need to be!

APN – you’ve probably heard the term but don’t know exactly what an Access Point Name (APN) is. Basically, it’s a setting on your mobile device which the Mobile Network Operator uses to set up a connection between your data SIM card and its network. Once connected, you could access the Internet, another network (like your company’s network) or any other data connection.

Here at Vox, we offer a business mobile data service called AnyNet APN. It provides Vodacom and MTN SIM cards for Internet access via the Vox network, and a data bundle to share between all the SIMs.

The Benefits

  • Add any number of SIM cards to your data account, and share the data as you prefer between the SIM cards.
  • No need for managing multiple data contracts from the Mobile Network Operator/s.
  • Plug and Play internet access using a SIM card, username + password and Vox’s APN name.
  • Better yet, you and your business will have one single point of contact and one bill from Vox.

Discover more about how AnyNet APN from Vox can take your business to new heights, here