Vox  has launched Business Class Fibre, a world class fibre-to-the-business offering that delivers a broad spectrum of customisable solutions, to suit businesses of all sizes.

Fast, reliable connectivity has become an essential requirement for every business, from the start-up running multiple applications in the cloud, to the established corporate that needs to remain always-on.

“We believe that we are able to offer more than just an internet connection, and have created the ideal platform for convergence,” says Shane Chorley, Executive Head of Carrier and Connectivity division at Vox.

“Business Class Fibre enables businesses, to truly optimise and drive the efficient coexistence of voice, video, data and other IP-based services, over a single network.  The result? A direct increase in productivity and greater cost-savings by consolidating telecommunications spend.”

The Vox Fibre network is available in all major cities nationally, and is continually expanding its reach.  This includes in excess of 200 individual pre-fibred precincts, areas and business districts where fibre is connected into the buildings. This makes Vox Telecom, one of the largest fibre providers in South Africa.

Concludes Chorley, “Based on the feedback from our customers, we’ve created a solution that is not only fast, but also flexible, providing the ability to upgrade bandwidth as required. The result is our high-availability, low-latency network, that delivers future-proof capacity for the dedicated or broadband application requirements of our customers.”