October 2019, Johannesburg: Integrated ICT and infrastructure provider Vox has added Managed Mimecast to its suit of managed service offerings to provide customers with a more effective way of safeguarding their emails against spam and malicious attacks.

Given that 63% of South African organisations have reported an increase in impersonation fraud and 84% saw email-based spoofing of business partners and vendors, according to Mimecast’s The State of Email Security Report 2019, decision-makers have no choice but to protect one of the most vital forms of communication in the digital age.

“The challenge is that an optimal setup of Mimecast is difficult to do for most business users. And even when it is completed, the evolving threat landscape means organisational resources must be allocated on a frequent basis to keep the system running effectively. This is where our managed service approach comes in. We implement, customise, and support Mimecast for companies to remain focused on their strategic priorities,” says Barry Kemp, head of managed IT at Vox.

As part of this offering, Vox conducts a quarterly assessment of the Mimecast implementation at a customer and identifies the areas that must be adapted to be reflective of current threat conditions.

“Mimecast focuses on anti-spam and anti-virus protection. However, sending spoof emails have become incredibly easy with malicious users trying to find more innovative ways of beating spam filters. Furthermore, while estimates vary, most security specialists agree that at least 250 000 new malicious programmes are registered daily. This means that any cyber security solution must be continually monitored with companies not having the luxury of just installing and forgetting about it.”

Furthermore, the modular approach of the Vox managed services means companies can select the components they want from an extensive solutions list. Therefore, Mimecast can be taken on its own or integrated into a broader Vox managed services offering.

“And as this is a cloud-based service, we can easily manage and update the service as the needs of the organisation change. We conduct an initial assessment for the customer, suggest the changes that must be made, and implement them if the client is happy with that.”
The Mimecast managed service is available at R449 for under 100 users and R949 for anything above that.