Rudi Potgieter, Executive Head of Guardian Eye at Vox, joins the podcast to talk about Vox ICE, a product which is saving lives through an innovative, low- cost technology solution.

The current global economic environment is pulling young workers away from their homes and leaving the elderly behind. Vox ICE is a solution to ensure they are not alone.

Vox ICE, or “in case of emergency”, takes care of your loved ones without you being present, with the ultimate home-care monitoring system, Potgieter explains in the podcast.

The solution comprises non-intrusive sensors and specialised algorithms to detect any abnormal behaviour for relatively healthy seniors living on their own.

The algorithm detects the person’s day-to-day behaviours over a period of time, establishes their routine and detects and warns about any abnormalities.

Potgieter explains how the ICE solution works – it requires little user setup, maintenance or management. It is built to serve “born before computers” customers, giving their loved ones comfort that they are being looked after.