Vox In Case of Emergency (I.C.E) is an affordable, user-friendly remote monitoring solution that allows active, mobile seniors to continue to live independently at home in the most non-intrusive way possible.

It’s estimated that 9% (5.2 million people) of the current population in South Africa is older than 60 years of age and this number is expected to increase to 10.2 % (6.6 million people) in 2030 and reach 16% (12 million people) of an estimated 75.5 million South Africans by 2050.

In our white paper, we uncover extensive research not only outlining the need for Vox I.C.E now, but as a necessary solution for a growing percentage of the population of the future that:

  • Would prefer to age-in-place in their current homes
  • Doesn’t need expensive, full-time care
  • Takes comfort in their current routine, social interactions and environment
  • Enjoys their independence

This makes the Vox I.C.E white paper a must-read for all of us with independent seniors in need of alternative forms of care now and in the years to come.