The future of managed services – A Qwerti Whitepaper

The future of managed services Managed service providers (MSPs) have been around for long enough for most people to have a fairly solid understanding of...

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Penetration Testing Whitepaper

Penetration testing methodology is essentially the course of action taken by a pentest provider to conduct the pentest specific to a target website or network….

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Taking Control of your Digital Lifestyle – A Braintree Whitepaper

The uptake of cloud services has made it possible for employees to meaningfully contribute to work tasks, be these collaborative documents or spreadsheets or even…

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SD-WAN White Paper

One of the most disruptive network technologies available today, software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN) not only allow companies to leverage a mix of various information…

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Vox I.C.E White Paper

Vox In Case of Emergency (I.C.E) is an affordable, user-friendly remote monitoring solution that allows active, mobile seniors to continue to live independently at home…

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