November 2019, Johannesburg: Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in South Africa now have access to a cost effective business email solution, that delivers email and collaboration, with the introduction of Vox Cloud Email.

“Whilst there are many business email platforms on the market that offer enhanced functionality such as chat and collaboration, these are priced out of the reach of most SME’s,” says Mayleen Bywater, Senior Product Manager for Email at Vox.

According to Bywater, the product is similar to leading email products on the market, but is based on open source technology, making it far more affordable. While it can be used by businesses of all sizes, the key target market is companies in the SME segment with between 1 and 100 employees.

“Customers are charged per user, based on the highest number of active mailboxes over the period of a month, giving them the flexibility to scale up or down. This gives them a cost saving without having to compromise on the quality of their email environment,” says Bywater.

Vox Cloud Email provides customers with several familiar features including being able to create global address lists, set tasks, share calendar invites, tag others in conversations, and even includes a feature which allows users to store documents and files in the cloud, and share them with friends, colleagues, suppliers etc. The service is available through a full-featured web client, and is easily accessible through smartphones and tablets.

Vox also offers complementary products for companies that require enhanced functionality. Customers that require advanced security have access to an additional plug in, whilst those concerned about data loss can subscribe to an unlimited email archiving solution. Subscription costs are based on the mailbox sizes, with between 10GB , 20GB and 50GB per user options available. In addition, customers can easily upgrade and downgrade between packages.