Integrated ICT and infrastructure provider Vox has announced the launch of their SD-WAN Lite service, an entry-level solution designed to cater for local SMEs who require more resilient and reliable data and voice connectivity.

Vox SD-WAN Lite allows organisations to use any combination of ADSL, LTE, Wireless and Fibre connectivity in order to provide the best connectivity experience. It can accommodate up to three Internet connections, and prioritise traffic for the best possible outcome, which can significantly improve the quality of data and voice calls.

“Switching to SD-WAN Lite, which is quick and easy to install, will help businesses improve the quality of connectivity to support mission critical services, improve the connectivity uptime ratio and reduce connectivity costs by making them vendor agnostic,” says Jacques Visser, Head of Wireless at Vox.

According to Visser, Vox will offer the solution in three different topologies, namely voice only, Internet only, or voice and Internet. Customers select the links used for voice with one as the primary link as   voice traffic runs over only one WAN connection at a time.  Should the primary link go down, the voice traffic will automatically switch to the failover link.

SD-WAN Lite features include being able to connect all access circuit routers to a single SD-WAN CPE device, having an automatic link failover configuration, traffic load balancing and voice quality optimisation through the use of Forward Error Correction that successfully compensates for moderate link packet loss.

The SD-WAN CPE devices are automatically configured based on desired failover policies once they are plugged in by means of Zero Touch Provisioning.

“Furthermore, a Cloud-based monitoring platform allows users to view their access links’ performance in real time. They get email notifications of link downtime when a failover event occurs including the ability to adjust their load balancing and failover strategies at will,” explains Visser.

Vox SD-WAN Lite customers can integrate their own existing Internet packages or use carrier services sold through Vox. The voice overlay component includes compatibility with all Vox Voice services.

According to Visser, the Vox SD-WAN Lite service, aimed at small and medium companies, comes at an affordable price and brings an acceptable level of self-control to those companies that cannot afford expensive dedicated connectivity, or imported SD-WAN products from  top tier brands that are a better match for the needs of much larger enterprises.

There are two options available, with a maximum of 600Mbps combined WAN capacity, namely the Vox SD-WAN Lite 2 WAN and the Vox SD-WAN Lite 3 WAN. For more information, visit