Vox has launched an unlimited email archiving solution to provide organisations with a cost-effective and user-friendly way to protect their email data in the event of a disaster.

“It has become far too commonplace for companies to lose email – it is estimated that one in ten new laptops will suffer a hard drive failure resulting in data loss or corruption. Given the regulatory environment we are operating in, the impact of being unable to access key information could be significant both from a financial as well as reputational perspective,” says Craig Freer, executive head of cloud and managed services at Vox.

Freer says that part of this challenge is that email platforms have a limited amount of storage available to users. This results in users having to delete old emails on a regular basis to stay within their space allocation. Even if the offering is cloud-based, once an email gets deleted it is gone.

“Through our Unlimited Archiving solution, we are offering companies of all sizes irrespective of industry sector an affordable plug-and-play solution that enables them to retain 10 years’ email irrespective of how much data that is,” he says.

The Vox offering integrates into any email platform empowering businesses, especially SMEs, with archiving features that are typically quite expensive.

Concludes Freer, “In the digital world, it is easy to have data corrupted, getting a laptop stolen, or suffering another disaster typically associated with being always connected. With our solution, users get the peace of mind that their email data is safeguarded. And because it is plug-and-play, once it is installed, the user does not have to do any administration or even think about the archiving process.”