Designated Survivor is an American political thriller and drama television series created by David Guggenheim. The series stars Keifer Sutherland (best known as Jack Bouwer in 24) as Thomas Kirkman, an American politician and chosen designated survivor for the State of the Union address.

Viewers can anticipate major drama in the show’s pilot. Kirkman is home with his family and next thing the Secret Service busts down his door and drags him to the White House to be sworn in as President of the United States of America.

I love this show because I feel like a fly on the wall in the White House!

Sure, the show has a far-out premise, but the suspenseful plot gets your adrenaline pumping. It’s also fun to watch Sutherland navigate a role where he can’t rely on his fighting skills!

Designated Survivor has a host of recognizable faces in the supporting cast. You might recognize Maggie Q from Nikita Fame and Natasha McElhone from Californication.

Verdict: Designated Survivor is both disturbing and riveting and well worth watching! Since it’s on Netlfix, you can find all the seasons available on the platform with another on its way.

This is what our Voxies thought of Designated Survivor:

“Amazing show, every episode leaves you wanting more. We need more seasons!” – Trisha Viljoen, Vox Marketing Studio Manager

“A fast-paced, political thriller. I was gripped from start to finish!” – Nina Appiah-Baiden, Vox Senior Content Writer

“I love this show because I feel like a fly on the wall in the White House!” –Nicky Stainforth, Vox Graphic Designer

Check out the trailer below: