A group of friends struggling through life get a wake-up call to finally start living, following the unexpected death of one of their friends.

You keep seeing A Million Little Things being mentioned on social media. You keep reading about the cast being nominated for awards. And of course, you have that one friend who just won’t stop telling you how emotional, compelling, and just plain good the best new show of the season is.

Friendship isn’t a big thing – it’s a million little things.

A Million Little Things tackles some big issues, but much like you and your friends being able to joke about the hard times you’ve shared together, this is a show about a group of friends and the ways they come together and lift each other up when they encounter the many challenges that life throws their way. There are tears, sure, but this group uses humour and love to help each other get through it all, and they come out on the other side in ways that are incredibly cathartic to watch, leaving you inspired. Somehow, the writers manage to accomplish all of this without the show being cheesy. It’s a delicate tightrope, and this show walks it well.

A Million Little Things features a decent ensemble cast and a few intriguing elements, this one is for you. Season 1 is currently streaming on Showmax with season 2 on the way!

This is what our Voxies thought of A Million Little Things:

“Friendship isn’t a big thing – it’s a million little things.” – Frank Ross, Braintree Consultant: Sharepoint and Microsoft Online Services.

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