Don’t wait until disaster strikes to consider a data backup and recovery plan. Data protection is so much more than just Plan B.

Data is the backbone of every business

More than just the necessary information you rely on to run your business each day (although, let’s not kid, that’s still a biggie), data is crucial for accurately predicting growth opportunities and business success in the future too. If used properly, it allows you to understand the needs of your customers, employees and strategic business partners on a deeper level, all while maximising opportunities for productivity, efficiency and earnings. Pretty great, right?

Now for the scary news. Without your data, your business wouldn’t just be lost, it would come to a grinding halt, with a gaping money pit opening below and only growing deeper the longer it takes to get operations securely back online.

No wonder ransomware attacks are on the rise and only becoming more difficult to spot, especially as crafty hackers have mostly stopped using generic, automated ransomware attacks in favour of a more targeted, hands-on approach.

Even though ransomware hackers typically ask for money in exchange for the safe return of your data, it’s not always a guarantee – you’re not exactly dealing with the nicest or most trustworthy people here. It also sucks having to pay an outrageous amount for something you already own.

The risks go beyond ransomware

If it’s not clear by now: your business data is all-important. Even if you’ve chosen to store your data safely and securely off-site in the cloud, that doesn’t necessarily guarantee you’re risk-free. Ransomware hackers might have a harder time breaching those security protocols, but disaster can strike at any time, from anywhere.

Just ask any one of the many businesses affected by the devastating fire at a data hosting company in France at the beginning of March. A fire that saw one of their data centres destroyed, a second damaged and all four offline until the fire could be put out.

Not only did this result in a lot of costly downtime for most companies hosted there, for those without a data backup and recovery plan, their data became a permanent casualty too.

The calls could also be coming from inside the house. As strong as your data security protocols may be, they won’t protect you from the actions of disgruntled or frustratingly negligent employees who might share or transfer important data to third parties, either intentionally or by accident, leaving you vulnerable to a devastating data breach.

The best defense

At Vox, we like to believe it’s best to have all your bases covered. When it comes to true data security, including a backup and recovery plan with Backup as a Service is a guaranteed home run. Let’s face it, if we’ve learned anything from the past year and a half, it’s that anything can and will happen.

As a Veeam Gold Partner, we offer the opportunity to create a copy of your data to be stored safely and securely in a separate location, with instant access for when you need it most to limit any downtime should the unthinkable occur.

Simple to deploy and easy-to-use, our backup and recovery solution not only protects your data from ransomware threats and loss, it also offers an opportunity to reduce the costs of long-term data archiving and retention.

A trusted leader in the data protection space, Veeam provides backup, recovery and replication for critical workloads, like VMware, AWS, Microsoft Azure, SQL Server, Oracle, Windows, Linux and NAS, across physical, virtual and cloud platforms, in a single offering.

You’ll sleep soundly knowing your data is always in your hands.