Mobile data is a necessity in any business. For one, any company with a sales team needs their sales force to be connected wherever they are, whether on the road, at a client, in a meeting, or at the office. Mobile data is also a great failover connectivity solution in the event of a fixed-line Internet outage as well as when starting a remote or satellite office that does not have any infrastructure set up yet.

Vox Shared APN is a quick to deploy mobile data solution that connects to the MTN or Vodacom network via Vox’s APNs, using one shared data bundle. To put it plainly, with Shared APN, you can manage the usage, security, allocation and analytics of mobile data within your company through one online portal.

Four reasons why your business will benefit from a Shared APN Solution.

  • Administrative life saver!

Imagine having fifty 2GB data contracts for fifty users! That means fifty invoices and fifty users whose data needs to be managed. With Shared APN you are invoiced for one data bundle that can be allocated to a limitless number of users in the company, all done online. Saving you time, hassle and paper!

  • Every cent counts!

Overall data costs are less with Vox Shared APN data. In-bundle rates cost 10c per MB for MTN and 15c per MB for Vodacom, while out-of-bundle rates cost 15c per MB for MTN and 17c per MB for Vodacom. Contract or prepaid out of bundle rates average at roughly 45c per MB with these network providers.

  • Get smart and stay safe!

Shared APN is a secure solution. Sim cards require a username and password in order to connect to the data bundle. If a sim gets stolen, the sim card can’t be accessed without the relevant credentials. If one of your employees decides to abscond and run away with their “free” data, you can immediately disable their username online.

  • Understand your usage

Shared APN provides users with usage reports. Not only does this create accountability for every user (they can be billed for excess use), but it allows you to see who needs more data and who needs less data. These insights will allow you to allocate data to different users based on their usage, helping you avoid overall out-of-bundle rates.

Shared APN gives your business the control it needs over the cost and usage of company mobile data. It is offered in three different solutions: Shared MTN APN, Shared Vodacom APN and a combination of MTN and Vodacom sims called AnyNet APN. Visit Vox to find out more: