The general sentiment seems to be that if you want to make something sound high-end, you can either give it Woolworths’s water or stick the word “Premium” around it.

Case in point: you get regular Ster-Kinekor, and then you get Ster-Kinekor Premier. You get the PSL (with Benny McCarthy’s waistline), and then you get the Barclay’s Premier League (with Cristiano Ronaldo’s jawline). You get Eskom, and then you get, well, darkness (sorry Houghton, we’re in this together).

We’ve come to learn that, like an awesome new weave or posh accent at Saint, give it a few hours and something that seems fancy at first doesn’t always hold up well. Except, of course, when it comes to Premium WordPress Hosting – which has all of the high-end and none of the needing a tender to afford it.

What is Premium WordPress Hosting? Well, it’s like Airbnb for websites, except the homes are in Camps Bay and there’s no brown stains on any of your surfaces.  

Look, there’s only so much we can say about generic website hosting. Everyone from Jeff Bezos to all the creators responsible for Incognito Mode (we see you) know what it’s about. Like building a house without owning a plot of land (a joke that probably holds up better outside of SA), you can’t have a website without a domain or some form of hosting.

Back in the day, Shared Web Hosting was sufficient much like flared jeans were acceptable in the late 90’s. However, as time has progressed, so too have the needs of modern business (and, in turn, their hosting solutions).

Enter Premium WordPress Hosting: which is basically the spinach to your website’s Popeye. Not only does it take your site to the next level, but it offers a rock-solid, secure and scalable platform. Your business and website have enough moving parts (especially if you’re one of those Incognito Mode pages we spoke about earlier) without you needing to sweat the small stuff. PWH offers a reliable, locally hosted WordPress Hosting service without the headache of managing a server – leaving you free to focus on your content.

Okay, we’re with you – but why should my business even consider this? My website works fine?

Sadly, there was a time when City Power also worked fine – but if you’re seeking longevity (and no angry Twitter base), just “fine” isn’t enough (trust us on this one). Here are some of the reasons you should consider PWH with Vox:

  1. We’re hosted on the Vox Carrier Cloud Network (at the Edge of the Internet).

Relax, flat-earthers, the Internet isn’t another 2D object you can theorise falling off. Rather, ‘Edge’ Computing is a modern take on Datacentre and Cloud computing Architectures. Basically, it takes your real-time applications and analyses them more efficiently.

This means that instead of running your website with a Chico engine, you’ll instead be running full throttle with a V12 strong enough to make Vin Diesel stop talking about family.

  1. Did someone say, “Free Vulnerability Scan”?

We included that purely because ‘free’ anything usually brings in traffic (which is why you saw so many free Yellow, Green and Black T-shirts recently. Wink wink). Jokes aside, Vulnerability Scans allow for Proactive Risk Monitoring (which is some technicians way of saying we check for weaknesses before a hacker gets there). Rather than let your site be stolen, our PWH services make sure there’s nowhere for hackers to break into. And no, we can’t offer the same service to your physical premises.

  1. Get your Backup against the Wall

Unlike your Google Search History, your Website Data is something you want to keep. We conduct ongoing Backups to ensure that your site can’t be lost, or, in the event of a worst-case scenario, your information isn’t stolen by some guy in an Anonymous mask who thinks he’s Mr Robot.

  1. Locally Hosted is Lekker

Look, we have our share of problems like any other country, but sometimes local is just better (have you ever eaten Australian Biltong? No wonder they choke at the RWC). Our locally hosted services actually offer a 99.9% Uptime Guarantee – come rain, hail, looting or load shedding, your site will be able to run regardless of how many Guptas it takes to ruin a power station.

Honestly, this sounds like a high-end product for the Takealot’s of the world. Why my SME?

That statement, like a speech before election time, couldn’t be less factually correct. Our packages start from R249.00pm and cater for everyone from start-ups to WordPress enthusiasts (yes, those are a thing). Whether you have a booming E-commerce site or just need a landing page to justify your marketing budget to your line manager, the competitive advantage of PWH places you head and shoulders above your competition. It’s like steroids for your website, except instead of smashing your keyboard out of pure rage, the only thing you’ll be smashing is web traffic and conversions.

So, there you have it. Dedicated infrastructure, lightning-fast speeds, backed by Vox, Secure and reliable – if only it had its own political party. Your website is the face of your business but, if not done right, could also be another body part instead.

A slow, unattractive website will have a seriously negative impact on your business – so take your brand experience and online presence to the next level and let Premium WordPress Hosting send your humble website to private school.