There are three guarantees in life: death, taxes, and a need for reliable Internet. We’ll be honest, we can’t do much about the first two, but we think we know a thing about the third.

The reality is that, in today’s difficult socio-economic climate, price is king. Now, while that may sound like a pitch, it’s not- people are truly feeling a pinch after Covid-19 and affordability is, to many, as appealing as a load-shedding free South Africa. The concept of uninterrupted power may seem mythical, but dependable connectivity (which is cheaper than cigarettes in Level 5) is actually a reality. Too good to be true? It’s not. We’re here to present a viable, cost-effective Internet solution that’s feasible for everyone.

Working from home is as ingrained in our DNA as sanitiser, social distancing and “wear your mask”. Initially, our early challenges ranged from remembering to wear pants in client meetings to convincing our cat not to nap on top of our keyboard. Now that most of us have acclimatised, however, our main priority is fast, reliable connectivity that serves its purpose both during working hours and in the evenings.

Like a Kardashian or Thor, Fibre is an ideal for everyone, but unattainable to many. It could be the price-point, unavailability in the area, or no desire to wait until a line comes through. It could be a deterrent to sign an extended contract when you’re trying to budget for the future. It could be any one of a variety of reasons, but for many, Fibre isn’t as easy as picking up the phone and getting connected.

With Fixed-LTE, however, it’s really that easy.

From Home Affairs to a State of Nation address, very few things in South Africa are simple- except for plug-and-play. We’ve come a long way from “please call me” and call-per-second billing, and Data has replaced airtime as the most valuable commodity in any modern household. At entry level alone, you can buy 25GB for R100 (which is cheaper than a meal for one at a certain chicken franchise- but then again, most things are), while heavier users can enjoy up to 500GB Data Bundles.

So, what’s the difference between LTE and Fibre?

Glad you asked. Not only is LTE available instantly (or as soon as yours is delivered and you’ve excitedly opened the box like a kid on Christmas morning), but Data bundles are available anytime. You’ll still be zooming like Schumacher in his prime, but you don’t need to stress about on or off-peak periods, as your Data is yours whenever your heart desires.

Contracts are on a month to month basis and, should you later install Fibre, you can always keep your router for as a failsafe backup option (or as a private stash for when the kids are on holiday and Fortnight is dividing the family)

In a nutshell, Vox and MTN have joined forces to bring you a solution that’s versatile, affordable and a feasible alternative that doesn’t break the bank. 2020 was tough, and 2021 isn’t letting up, but sometimes it’s the smallest solutions that make the biggest differences.

To find out more about our LTE solutions and get your business up and running in an instant, check out our website!