Ja Ne, in South Africa, we’re not used to the best. Pick an item. Any item. 

Service Delivery? Ha. 

Water? Ha ha. 

Clean beaches? Ha ha ha. 

Electricity – hahahahahahahahahahahaha. 

Currently, the only “best” lists we’re familiar with are those “best reasons to buy a home UPS” articles which pop up on your news feed. But what if it didn’t have to be that way? What if there was a reason to combine the best WITH the best (think PB&J) and arrive at a solution, plus a prize, worth topping any wish list? Stick around – we’ve got you covered. 

If you owned a radio any time between 2001 and the next 100 years, you’ve likely heard of Hirsch’s Home (yes, we’re referencing THOSE radio ads – you know the ones). It’s as ingrained in the soundtrack of many of our lives as deeply as a Johnny Clegg song (which you all know but can’t pronounce the name). With that in mind, we’d like to say “Hi, I’m Vox Telecom…” and tell you all about our latest promo.  

What’s better than super-fast Fibre to the Home? Well, if you don’t work in Telecoms (or aren’t tasked with punting the product), quite a few things. A new coffee machine, perhaps? Or what about a high-res, 65-inch TV? A gaming console? An excuse to finally replace your mom’s old microwave and have change for a front-loading washing machine? (Yeah, you can tell the author of this piece has already passed thirty). If you’re like us (minus the Telco part), chances are it’s one (or all) of the above – but who says you need to just pick one? 

You see, contrary to popular belief, we at Vox are about more than overpriced (so we’ve been told) Internet that doesn’t work (we read the Tweets) or doesn’t get connected even though you’ve been debited (we REALLY read the tweets). We believe in (here comes the pitch) in selling more than just Connectivity – we believe in selling solutions with tangible benefits to our customers. Want speed? Need convenience? Love the idea of your cables not being stolen? We’ve got you covered, and then some, with a single all-inclusive solution to meet every need. Choose your speed. Choose your package (mind out the gutter). Choose your provider. Then, make it yours. 

That’s what you get with Vox Fibre to the Home. 

(It wouldn’t be a true pitch without the “but WAIT, THERE’S MORE” – so here we go). 

We’re double incentivising your decision to sign up for Vox Fibre to the Home with an amazing new promo. Because what’s better than getting what you paid for (particularly in SA)? Getting what you paid for PLUS a chance for Mahala (because there’s nothing South African’s love more than a freebie – it makes a nice change from inflation vs non-delivery of service). 

And now, the hook…

Sign up for Vox FTTH between now (as in, the second you are reading this – the promo has already been live for weeks – get with it!) and the end of October 2023 and you can WIN one of 10 Hirsch’s Home Vouchers Valued at R10 000. Use it to shop, to impress a first date, to get out of paying for a wedding gift – the choice is yours to make. All you have to do is sign up, submit your order number at checkout, and be automatically entered into our lucky draw. We’re picking one winner per week, every week, until we’re out of vouchers.