How NOT to get Hacked: A Survival Word to the ‘not so wise’.

We’d like to think we’ve come a long way from the days of chain mails, ‘forward this to ten people or suffer from bad luck…

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Surviving the Wait for your Router

So you’ve made the choice to sign up for FTTH, but you’re not sure what happens next. Do you click “apply” and stare longingly at…

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The Beginner’s Guide to Vox In Case of Emergency

Estimated Reading Time: 3 Minutes 25 Seconds Do you have an independent loved one capable of living on their own but can’t seem to shake…

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How Much Speed Do You Need? A Guide to Choosing Your Fibre Package

Shop the latest Fibre deals Having a Goldilocks moment when it comes to selecting your Fibre package? We’ll help you find the option that’s just…

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Give Yourself a Boost: What to do When There’s No Signal

What’s worse than not having signal? If you’re like us, it’s having Internet that doesn’t work. See, we can learn to live with the load…

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Why is my Fibre Taking so Long?

We know how it goes. You’ve finally decided to sign with Vox. After all that head scratching and Googling, waiting for responses to your Facebook…

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What the Fibre with moving?

As South Africans, we know plenty about stressful experiences. Applying for a passport, Jhb Traffic on a Friday afternoon, anything involving a taxi- the list…

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How to Work from Home Without Getting Fired

We’ve all heard the story about working from home a thousand times. It’s the new normal, Covid19 has affected the way we function, businesses have…

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When Wi-Fi becomes WHOA-FI: Surviving Poor Connection

You know the feeling. You’re sitting there, innocently minding your own business, when suddenly your signal is weaker than an Eskom accountability survey. Your palms…

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Take Your Home Wi-Fi Network to the Next Level

Careful planning forms the core of an intricate, yet reliable, home Wi-Fi network. Almost anyone who has used the Internet will recognise the phrase “best…

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