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COVID-19 Screening Products

As South Africa gears up to return to normality in the workplace, lockdown Level 3 regulations may have reopened the economy, but social distancing is more important that ever.

Returning to the office means that it’s vital to equip your business with the correct solutions that will enable you to monitor and manage the health risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the measures you can take be compliant with regulations include implementing:

  • Sanitation tunnels
  • Frictionless access control
  • Handheld temperature scanning
  • Multi-person automated temperature scanning

Vox is ideally positioned to advise on the latest technology available and guide you through the entire process of getting your business ready and compliant.

How It Works

Get COVID-19 Ready

Handheld Scanner

Ideal for smaller deployments with low traffic volumes. Cost effective with the ability to be deployed rapidly.
Two options available – infrared and thermal. The infrared option is very affordable but not as accurate, whereas the thermal option is more accurate, but comes at a slightly elevated price.

Static Camera

A more complex solution capable of handling high traffic volumes with automated screening and alarms. This is a must-have for large traffic flows. Integration into an Artificial Intelligence and Facial Recognition engine allows for accurate searches and data rich alarms, such as mask or hard hat detection.

Frictionless Access Control

Our facial readers now incorporate temperature screening, providing frictionless access control and doubling up as a temperature screeners. The facial reader has a built-in AI engine to detect objects such as facial masks. These readers can be used to detect and assess known or unknown faces, so in a reception environment, a reader can be used to grant access to guests based on their COVID-19 compliance.

Hygiene and Sanitisation

Deploying automated sanitisation tunnels at key checkpoints not only ensures that this often labour-intensive task is enforced, but also mitigates the risk of spreading infectious diseases. The Vox walk-through sanitising tunnel uses a misting fog to spray the sanitiser as the person walks through the booth. Sensors only activate the spray only when it detects occupancy which avoids wastage.

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COVID Screening Solutions

As South Africa moves to the next phase in the response to COVD-19, many organisations find themselves in unprecedented circumstances.

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