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Eutelsat Konnect

The need for Internet in South Africa is greater now than ever before. While most areas are covered by tried and tested terrestrial network methods, there are some areas where fast and reliable connectivity is needed but access is limited. Enter Eutelsat Satellite Konnect, which delivers high-speed Internet, independent of conventional cabling, across the country.

A fast, Always-On Internet access service delivered via Satellite, you’re always “Konnected” with Vox and Eutelsat.

  • Vox Satellite supplies affordable Broadband connectivity to millions across the country.
  • Perfect for homes, businesses which require reliable high-speed connectivity.
  • Ideal for areas where conventional alternatives are unavailable.
  • No dependency on cables means no waiting for installation or delays due to theft.
  • Operates on 128 Beams and covers all of South Africa.

Anyone can access lightning-quick Internet of up to 50Mbps via Satellite – all you have do is ask us how.


Features and Benefits

  • High-throughput Satellite Broadband

    With Service Plans ranging from 5Mbps to 50Mbps, there's a variety of options available and suitable for your precise needs.

  • Extra Bandwidth

    Enjoy unlimited uploading and unlimited downloading during FreeZone hours (22h00 – 1h00).

  • Quick Installation and Reliability

    Just because you’re in “the middle of nowhere” doesn’t mean you have to wait. We promise swift installation, and provide 24/7/365 support.

  • No Infrastructure Hassles

    By using Satellite Technology, we bypass the need for fixed lines or mobile signals. Plus, this effectively eliminates cable theft concerns and poor signal challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Eutelsat is a high-speed, Always-On Internet access service delivered via Satellite by Vox Telecom.

The service is ideal for any consumer, business or enterprise requiring an affordable high-speed Internet access service – especially where other alternatives aren’t available.

The service does not depend on terrestrial cabling. Which means no long lead times waiting for cables to be installed or for stolen cables to be replaced.

Eutelsat uses sophisticated acceleration techniques to enable high-speed performance over high-latency satellite links. Without this feature, TCP connections would only deliver a throughput of around 100Kbps – simply because of the round trip latencies involved over satellite connections.

These acceleration technologies cannot accelerate traffic running inside tunnels. Tunnel payloads are commonly encrypted in any event, making it impossible to analyse the packet payload to attempt acceleration.

When running VPN tunnels over YahClick, customers need to implement their own TCP acceleration system. Otherwise the performance will be limited to around 100Kbps – regardless of service plan being used.

To ensure voice quality, a network connection must support a feature called ‘Quality Of Service (QoS)’ that prioritises voice traffic over normal data traffic (e.g. http, YouTube, torrents, etc.).

If you need to run telephone calls, please ensure that you choose one of the YahClick ‘Voice’ enabled service plans.

These are specifically designed to prioritise voice and supports between one to eight concurrent G.729 encoded voice calls – depending on the service plan selected.

The service is available throughout South Africa. Coverage is delivered via 128 high-power spot-beams, each focused on a specific part of the country, overlapping in some areas.

There are numerous packages that can be selected from. The advertised speeds are maximum “burstable” throughputs.

Latency refers to the amount of time it takes a packet of data to travel across a network. With satellite service, that data must travel via to the satellite (about 72000 km), terminate in Europe, breakout to the Internet and on to its destination.

This round trip adds about a 600ms delay to the total time your computer takes to communicate with an international Website or host server. The latency to a South African service is almost 800ms (round trip).

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