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Become a Vox Channel Partner

The Vox Business Partner Programme is designed to help our partners build sustainable businesses.

partner banner 1 | Vox | Channel Partners | Workfile
partner banner 1 | Vox | Channel Partners | Workfile

Value Proposition

Vox offers a wide range of data, communication, and collaboration solutions, ensuring that South Africans can connect with the world and stay connected. We’re known for merging technology and tailored solutions with hands-on customer service, delivering exceptional value and peace of mind.

With our expert staff and business partners across the country, we take full responsibility for every service—from concept to continuous delivery. Our diverse client base includes over 250,000 customers nationwide, serving more than 16,000 businesses across various sectors and industries.


Vox Partner Programmes


The Vox Business Partner – Agent programme empowers you to leverage our industry expertise and extensive product portfolio for business growth. By participating, you can expand into new market verticals without assuming associated risks. We handle the entire customer workflow, from installation to billing, collections, and direct customer support.

The programme features an aggressive annuity commission scheme, creating an alternate revenue stream as your Vox customer portfolio grows. Similar to the Reseller programme, access to our Business Partner Portal allows you to manage the customer life cycle centrally within your existing business.


The Vox Business Partner – Reseller programme offers a comprehensive suite of benefits. As a reseller, you gain access to our full product portfolio and internal pre-sales and scoping capabilities. Additionally, you’ll have a dedicated Channel Manager to assist with Go-To-Market strategies.

The programme features an aggressive, tiered rebate scheme, allowing you to build alternatives or enhance existing revenue streams. While Vox plays a supporting role, you’ll drive your ISP business into the market, owning the customer life cycle from a central location via our Business Partner Portal.


The Vox Business Partner – Wholesale programme grants you access to our Porta One Platform, allowing centralised management of your voice business. You can view, implement and adjust call charge rates, call limits, customer invoicing, and CDR information through this platform.

As a Vox Wholesale partner, you benefit from our volume-based interconnect agreements with the major telcos, both within South Africa and abroad.

Why Partner With Vox

The Vox Business Partner Program is designed to foster collaboration and mutual growth. Our primary objective is to create value for our partners by assisting them in building sustainable businesses.

We achieve this by leveraging our industry experience and know-how, which we combine with our partners’ intimate knowledge of their customers’ requirements. Through this synergy, we aim to empower our partners, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive long-term success.

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What we recommend and what you get

  • Free Installation

    Save up to R2000*

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    Save up to R1000*

  • Free Router

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  • Uncapped Data

    No FUP - No Fair Use policies apply

25 Mbps

25 Mbps download

25 Mbps upload

Starting from

R857 PM

T's and C's apply