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Kaspersky Internet Security

Shield your family against online threats

With more people accessing the Internet and online work resources from home, security has never been more important.

Today, there’s a vast range of threats that can compromise the security of computers, tablets and smartphones. So, there’s a growing number of customers that want to install our best-performing security suite to protect their privacy, money and passwords.

Vox Internet Security powered by Kaspersky Total Security also offers you peace of mind to safeguard your kids on a range of devices.

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Kaspersky Total Security offers powerful parental control features, giving parents 6 tools to help protect children online.

  1. A web content filter including an adult site blocker
  2. Screen time manager control, which allows you to control the length of time spent on devices
  3. Mobile device battery tracker
  4. A GPS child locator – you can check your child’s location and find out if they step beyond a safe area specified by you
  5. The ability to monitor your kid’s public Facebook presence, and see if anyone’s behaving suspiciously using the social network tracker
  6. Tips and advice from top child psychologists.

Kaspersky Total Security works across PC, Mac and mobile – including on iOS and Android operating systems and includes premium versions of Kaspersky Safe Kids and Kaspersky Password Manager.

In computer security, there is something called defense in depth. This is like layering fortifications to ensure everything is protected.

Traditional antivirus software has been protecting the PC, it has the ability to look inside of the content on the PC better than anything else. By being on the network, Total Security will never see as detail.

On the other hand, antivirus software won’t run on your video cameras and even your iPhone, here you will need something else to watch out for bad behavior. This is where Total Security shines.

Total Security complements antivirus, it sees everything on the network and this is the key to protecting things together as one.

This is like you have a bunch of window and door sensors at home, and you install that motion sensor for one extra layer of warning. In case the door/window security sensors did not trigger. Or to watch out places that are not feasible to install sensors.

Kaspersky’s security is now 15% ‘lighter’ on your PC using less CPU and memory. It works in the background, continuously scanning for threats, without getting in your way.

The new intuitive Kaspersky dashboard makes it easy and hassle-free to find your way around and access the individual security features.

Two tools are provided to protect you and your family’s online privacy.

  1. Webcam protection lets you block all unauthorised applications from accessing your webcams, stopping webcam spies watching you in your home*.
  2. Anti-phishing protects you from spoof sites that can try to steal your identity and are continually being enhanced to detect the latest, most sophisticated phishing scams.
    *Works on PC and Mac only

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