In light of the growing number of cyber attacks globally and locally, integrated ICT and infrastructure provider Vox has introduced email security offerings that are specifically targeted at helping small business customers in South Africa better protect their data.

Company employees are increasingly being targeted, with hackers using ever more sophisticated methods including ‘whaling attacks’, which are a highly personalised form of phishing that are directed at senior management, aimed at getting them to part with confidential company information.

The security challenge for organisations has been compounded as a result of the national lockdown, with a large number of employees practicing remote working, and organisations having little clarity on the state of security on their home networks or devices.

“Statistics show that up to 90% of breaches come via email, and proactively screening for potential threats of such a nature helps minimise risk. Our product offering has been specifically developed for smaller businesses of 50 seats and below,” says Ryan McGee, Head of Security Solutions at Vox.

“Furthermore, a new report by Accenture found that South Africa had the third-highest number of cyber crime victims last year.  South Africans suffered 577 malware attacks per hour – an increase of 22% from the previous year – the majority of which originated in email links or as attachments.”

“Security is only as strong as its weakest link, which unfortunately in many cases comes down to company employees who are not well equipped to handle the growing tide of cyber threats. This shows that email security should be an integral part of a business’s security strategy, and it needs to have a solution that helps it proactively manage and combat these threats,” concludes McGee.

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