In the digital age of Work from Home, wherein Hybrid, Mobile and Cloud all constitute the ‘new normal’, your business IT practice is more important now than ever before.

One may not immediately think so, as the lack of in-person, on-site work environments and conventional “hard” servers would have many businesses arguing against the need for a traditional IT department. This would be correct, if the term “IT” still referred to the guys you called when there was an issue with your company PC. Today, however, the concept has extended across a variety of service offerings to encompass the more holistic fundamentals of your digital brand components.

As companies have evolved, so too have their various IT needs, and the reality is that with an ever-shifting digital landscape comes a more pressing need now than ever before to ensure that your brand is in firm adherence with the best possible industry IT practice. Between Websites, Clouds, Digital Security and Managed Services, your brand’s online component now has more moving parts (and, in turn, the potential risks they carry) than it did before – which is where Vox IT Assessments comes in.

What is Vox IT Assessments? Glad you asked.

One of the key Managed Service Deliverables; Audits and Assessments form a key component of a continuous improvement process that helps customers identify and mitigate IT Risks. By utilising a skilled, best-in-class vCIO team which works in tandem with end users to formulate the most effective IT strategy, your brand can be primed for the new today (and tomorrow) and set to operate at maximum efficiency.

Our Assessments are comprehensive and cover, Network, Security, Cloud, Database & Most Microsoft Cloud Applications and include performance and risk metrics.

How does it work?

We at Vox run our Assessments over four phases, each centered around identifying a problem and working towards a solution. The aforementioned phases are simple:

  1. Discovery – Data collection
  2. Analysis and Review – vCIO engagement with a comprehensive report highlighting potential cost savings, key performance areas, risks, and recommended remediation.
  3. Ongoing Reporting – Continued monitoring and reporting, allowing customers to proactively manage their respective environments.
  4. Continuous Improvement – Quarterly workshops with our vCIO specialists, where we review the information collated and shift our focus towards planning, strategizing and measuring continuous ongoing improvement.

With Vox IT Assessments, you can ensure that all your resources are utilised to maximum effect. A clearly defined strategy is the foundation of any thriving enterprise and, by allowing our experts to evaluate, identify and plan on behalf of your business, you can ensure that your organisation is primed for new layers of digital success.