Raise your controller if your console is so old, it emits sawdust on startup.

Raise your controller if your console is so old. the last time you played a new release a little Italian was still in plumbing school.

Raise your controller if you’ve struggled with lag due to poor connection, a jammy “X” button, frayed wires or graphics so bad, the human shapes are still stick figures.

Any gamer, seasoned or casual, can tell you how important it is to keep your console up to date.

Like phones or cars, but definitely not life partners, the newest model in gaming is always the best option. In some cases, it’s a step up in terms of graphics. In others it’s better performance and the latest releases. In all cases, however, few things frustrate like a console that just doesn’t cut it.

You can’t deny that the newest model has the best benefits, but you’re probably wondering, “my old jalopy works just fine- why tamper with something that’s not broken?”

Well, you may not know what you’re missing out on just yet, but here are some of the reasons you should kick your relic to the curb.

  1. New Games and Exclusives.

If your hardened soldiers are still hitting each other with sticks, chances are your RPG may be outdated.

Seriously, we know some guys playing FIFA with Pele breaking through the ranks- the ball is solid leather and everything. The whole point of gaming is, well, the actual game. Newer consoles have the advantage of having access to the latest releases and exclusive downloadable content, meaning your oldie is as “with it” as those aunties on the Golden Girls.

We’ve also noticed that developers tend to focus more on what’s new than what’s already out there. DLC’s in particular regularly get pushed out for the latest releases, meaning if you’re not up to date with what’s hot, chances are you’re getting left behind. In fact, many of said DLC’s completely enhance your experience by adding gameplay time, new characters, missions, stories- whole days and upgrades on games that were already great to start with.

By sticking with what you know, you inadvertently miss out on a whole world of possibilities. The old days were cool, we’ll admit it, but unless you’re a Jonas Brother, the early 2000’s weren’t as good as it gets.

  1. The Best Gaming Experience.

With a newer console comes better speeds and, of course, more amazing specs. Why wouldn’t you want to enjoy better visuals, enhanced graphics and bask in the glory of an overall visual experience? It seems like each release of something new has us thinking “wow, that’s realistic” until the next one comes around, promptly making their predecessor look like as real as a Fast and Furious Movie.

Newer consoles also present higher framerates, offering a glimpse into the pinnacle of innovation while making sure your gaming experience is less playing games, more making memories.

  1. Spec Savers.

Like a car, a TV or even a fridge (we’ve seen some crazy fridges), sometimes it’s the features that count. Now, we’re not talking cosmetic things that nobody uses like photo storage and Internet capabilities. No, we’re talking the stuff that matters, which is often the difference between Old Yeller and Beethoven.

Aside from better aesthetics, most consoles are purpose driven and designed to eradicate previous errors. Controllers are more ergonomic, the basic functions are smoother and the actual device is easier on the ears.

Then there are advanced components such as your RAM, Storage and GPU- all the things you don’t see which play a big part in your experience. Remember the days of blowing into your memory card and hoping it works? There’s a reason kids today don’t have to do that- and it’s all hidden in the device.

  1. It’s Just Better.

At the end of the day, no gamer wants to feel isolated. To us, gaming is a means of escapism, of all-conquering, swashbuckling fun that cuts through the monotony of everyday life to allow us, just for a few hours at a time, to feel like we can conquer the world.

And let’s face it, that’s a bit hard to do when you’re riddled with lag induced errors and graphics like a restored painting in Borja.

That’s why we advocate for the latest consoles and the best releases. We know the power of gaming and we want our family to experience it in full force. But we also understand that sometimes consoles can be unaffordable- which is why our rental model exists. Now you, your kid at Christmas or your loved one with an adventurous inner-child can experience gaming to the full extent without having to save up or putting yourself in difficulty.

Just be sure to dust your fingers off before you touch the new one- we don’t want your old consoles Smallpox germs damaging our Start button.