We all know by now that Connectivity is key to business. We’ve said it, you’ve read it, and we all know that Internet makes the world go around.

In fact, let’s face it – who today is running a business without going Online? If you’re reading this, chances are you’re already connected, but how much value are you truly receiving?  The needs of your business Fibre far outweigh the demands on a conventional Home system, be it accessing static IP addresses, advanced security or more complex Data Routing, and your package needs to be suitable for your unique needs.

Enter our Fibre to the Business bundles, which have been systemically designed to give you more value and better connectivity while ensuring your brand gets the performance it deserves.

Or maybe your brand is already on business Fibre, but you’re looking to step up to the next level. Here are the areas you can see a marked difference from an improved Fibre bundle (albeit at a better rate).

  1. Unified Communications:

In short form, UC does exactly what the name suggests – connect all digital communication systems into a singular, seamless platform which allows for maximised collaboration. When done correctly, seamless UC ensures high levels of interaction – particularly useful with a displaced workforce wherein your staff can’t be under one roof.

Essentially, it means that no matter where your employees are, they’re able to access the same system and work accordingly. Said system involves an amalgamation of calling, messaging, conferencing and file sharing, gathering everything your team needs and correlating it into a streamlined interface. The result is, naturally, better productivity, reduced costs, an enhanced user experience and stronger overall performance.

A good UC strategy can not only create the freedom for your employees to work as they choose, but allow them to stay in constant communication, connect effortlessly and, ultimately, solve problems faster. Essential to this is a Fibre system capable of handling high-speed, instant demands while providing reliable, fail-safe Internet. A simple Home system, while powerful, may struggle with the demands of multiple simultaneous users – a problem you’re unlikely to encounter with an FTTB package.

  1. SD-WAN

Still relatively new, this alternative approach to network connectivity is a prime beacon for reduced operational costs with improved resource usage. This is particularly useful on multi-site deployments. In simple terms, SD-WAN allows you to more efficiently use your bandwidth and ensure higher levels of performance for your critical applications. Most importantly, it does all the above without any compromise on either Data Privacy or overall Security.

The benefits include simplified Cloud management, more reliable connectivity, better security, an enhanced experience and the complete optimisation of your Cloud connectivity.

  1. Cloud

Finally, we get to Cloud, which is both the present and the future of Data Storage and remote accessing. Remember giant server rooms like you see in the movies? Cloud Solutions negate the need for that, allowing all your vital information to be stored safely, securely and easily accessible for whenever you need it. However, you can’t access your Data without a reliable connection and, let’s face it, a lower-tier Fibre Package or FTTH solution wouldn’t be ideal for a business that needs instant, uninterrupted access.

Not only are our packages designed to handle your budget, but they’re systemically designed to cater for your quality needs. Our solutions promise the following:

  • Completely manageable, controlled cost-effectiveness.
  • Versatility, flexibility and scalability as your brand requires
  • Reliable, high-speed Internet that you can rely on.
  • Fully customisable solutions unique to your business needs.

Gone are the days of having to adjust your needs according to what’s available. We’ve created a series of packages that are inclusive of all brand requirements, packed with rich additions designed to increase your value for money. We cater for symmetrical speeds, inbound or outbound Voice Channels, Voice Rate Plans and PBX Extensions and more.

Biting yet? We hope so. So, without further ado, here’s our full options and pricing for your perusal.

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Strategically positioned across the country, our teams and Telco networks are situated throughout South Africa to offer complete redundancy. These matter because they allow for impeccable service delivery no matter where you are; ensuring quality Internet, always.

We’ve seen business struggle throughout lockdown and, with the dawn of the third wave, are bracing ourselves for another difficult year. Your brand cannot afford to compromise on the things that matter. Not only can our FTTB bundles cater for adjusted budgets to offer more for less, but we can guarantee you’ll never be left wanting as far as Internet is concerned.

Let us help you reach the next level with feasible, affordable solutions geared at better efficiency and greater value. We’re in the business of taking care of your business – so let’s do it together.