Meet Bandile Maduna, born in Ladysmith and raised in Soweto by a single mother who was a teacher by profession.

“Growing up, my motto was ubuntu – to respect others at all time. I was taught to work hard and respect everyone despite their age,” says Bandi, as she is affectionately know at Vox. “I’m versatile and able to do all the work that is sent my way. I am a quick learner and always open to all sorts challenges and new things.

“One of my dreams was to enter the corporate world and that became a reality when I joined Vox 11 years ago. At the time I joined as a tea lady, but the company afforded me the opportunity to move through various positions and ranks and I even got the opportunity to study business admin which I am still busy with.

In 2014, I was appointed as a facility team leader. In 2016 I started to be a reliever for the front desk and in 2017 I started to work full time as a receptionist. 2019 was a wonderful year for me when our chief financial director approached me to assist as his personal assistant – a very humbling and warm moment for me.

I love working for Vox and am very grateful for all the opportunities that the company has given me.

I have always been that person to wake up inspired to face the day with a positive attitude and go to work full of energy and inspiration regardless of the situation in our township – things like not having shelter, having plenty of orphan kids to support, no power – I have seen it all!

“I am also a mentor for less fortunate people and especially children, and always encourage then not to dwell on their unfortunate circumstances, but to rather move forward with a good attitude and positive work ethic. This comes from my own learnings from a young age where I was taught to not hate, but rather to love at all times.

“I’m a motivational speaker in my community as well as a chairperson in more than one stokvel and I also unite the family through organizing various gatherings and above all, constantly pushing and encouraging kids to study, love one another and value one another.”