Evolution. Innovation. Adaptation.

It may sound like a slogan, but these key phrases have become synonymous with our working world.

Along with concepts of lockdown, social distancing and “no mask, no entry”, the “new normal” has presented the business world with similarly unfamiliar concepts. In a new, ever-transitional work environment, resources that embody the concepts of progression and development have become lifelines for brand-preservation. Businesses have been forced to adapt or get lost in the shuffle, and with this need for improvisation came a need for effective solutions- one of which is Fibre to the Business.

The significance of Internet to modern day brand relevance has been covered in detail, and by 2021, it’s pretty much universally accepted that a failure to stay connected is synonymous with brand irrelevancy.

It goes without saying that Fibre is no longer “the future, but rather “the present”.

Any successful enterprise requires effective communication (both internally and externally) and, in today’s day and age, effective communication and reliable Internet are often intertwined.

Traditional forms of connectivity (such as ADSL) present their own set of risks- particularly in South Africa. Aside from reduced speed, frequent connectivity issues, unreliability and minimised data storage, the reality is that businesses can’t afford the risk of running offline in a climate that requires uninterrupted connection. We’ve seen a significant increase in the demand for effective Fibre solutions as brands make the shift to concepts such as remote working and digital Cloud storage.

Yes, we know the initial installation cost may seem daunting, but the reality is that these are absorbed over time. Connectivity wise, Fibre has proven unbeatable in lockdown, meaning those Teams meetings and long conferences aren’t frequented by shouts of “can you hear me” or “sorry, my call dropped.”. Simple Data Storage and accessibility is always a plus, as is the reduced risk of hacking and enhanced durability.

All of these, however, are just product features- the real benefits come in the form of tangible differences your business is guaranteed.

We’ve seen first-hand the way Fibre has been a saving grace to brands brimming with uncertainty; providing peace of mind, security and efficient communication in a time where streamlined processes were needed. Our business solutions have enabled more than one organisation (including our own) to easily transition from an in-person to remote working environment and enjoy enhanced levels of productivity, accountability and employee satisfaction. Morale is high, communication is steady and, most importantly, your connectivity is no longer cause for concern.

Make no mistake, Fibre to the Business has had a major role to play in a testing time for all. It’s not always been easy, but the challenges presented required solutions you can count on- and we’re confident in saying our FTTB is a tried, tested and reliable breath of fresh air (behind that mask, of course).