As part of efforts to bolster the full bouquet of offerings and solutions it can build for businesses in South Africa, leading internet service provider Vox has announced that it has achieved Ruckus Elite Partner status as of the 2023 calendar year. Having selected Ruckus Networks, which has been early to market with the launch of a new WiFi 7 enterprise solution, the Elite Partner status bolsters Vox’s ability to deliver reliable end-user experiences for businesses.

Ruckus Networks builds and delivers networks that outperform in an array of challenging and unique environments. Vox, which is renowned for building robust business connectivity solutions, has been building internal expertise with Ruckus technology over the past eight years.

“Vox delivers solutions that ultimately support the end user. Our solutions are made up of various aspects, including fibre, and WiFi is an important part of a well-designed solution. The Ruckus platform has enabled us to bring robust connectivity to businesses because of its stability and reliability. This has been crucial to the trust we have built up as a brand. Achieving Elite Partner amplifies the value we can bring to our customers,” says Craig Blignaut, Product Manager: WiFi at Vox.

Referring to the focused effort Vox has put into upskilling the business, Werner Wentzel, Territory Account Manager at Ruckus Networks says the relationship is mutually beneficial. “We share the aligned vision of bringing top-tier, reliable and robust solutions to end users in the country. Vox’s commitment over the past eight years has rightly culminated in the Elite Partner status,” he says. “Vox achieved the Top ISP in terms of sales in 2021 and 2022 and so the Elite Partner achievement builds on this momentum.”

Blignaut says that the status has resulted in a significant increase in partner engagement, and is supported by additional engineer certifications. He explains that there has been a mandated commitment in the business for staff to complete Ruckus training. This resulted in exponential growth of Ruckus products in the market through Vox. “This mutually beneficial relationship is obviously valuable to Vox and Ruckus, but it is incredibly important for the industry in terms of the indepth knowledge of WiFi technology,” he says.

Ultimately, while celebrating the milestone is important, says Blignaut, the partner status will benefit businesses that need robust, reliable and future-proofed connectivity solutions. “As more and more devices become WiFi 7 enabled, businesses will be able to enter the next wave of technology with confidence, building on the exceptional reliability they already have with our solutions generally, and the Ruckus platform specifically.”