Home is where you truly spend the bulk of your lifetime, and the place which ultimately matters most.

There’s no debating it – our homes and families deserve nothing short of the best. In terms of attention and investment, your personal life is where things truly count most – after all, what good is life if those we value most aren’t looked after?

Introducing: Microsoft 365 for Home Use

Solutions for your busy life are now confirmed, as you harness the ability to be powerfully productive. Create, connect, and share wherever you go, whenever you need to – it’s constantly up-to-date Premium Apps, Storage, Security and more within a single convenient subscription.

We now live in an age where everyone at home requires some form of digital resource. Work, college, even school at an entry level all necessitate a degree of technologically based hardware or software solutions. Think about it. At any given time (in a household of four, in no particular order), Dad can be busy with work, Mom maintaining her business, Brother completing his campus assignment, and Sister finishing a school project. The days of one home, one device, and one account have long passed us by – part of the digital revolution we find ourselves in requires that everyone everywhere has some access to the computing tools they require where possible.

M365 Personal and Family are systemically designed to enable your entire home to enjoy the full benefits of Microsoft without compromising on quality. Work, play, interact or stay connected – the possibilities are endless, and fulfill a wide array of needs to suit everyone respectively.

How can you use this? Glad you asked!

  • Unleash the beast and maximise your productivity potential.

With a wealth of Microsoft 365 Productivity Apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Editor, you and your entire family can enjoy a wide array of benefits. From showing off your best creativity to collaborating with friends and family, sharing documents, editing, and operating off any device in real-time, it redefines the way your entire squad works to open new doors of productivity.

  • All the files protected with layers of security.

With a 1TB Microsoft OneDrive, complete with built-in ransomware, you’re able to store and protect important personal files such as videos, family photos and schoolwork. But you ask, what about those extra important, twice as confidential documents? We know what you mean. Whether a Birth or Marriage Certificate, Life Policy, Will or Trust, OneDrive Personal Vault folder adds and extra layer of Security (such as Identity Verification) to help you sleep at night.

  • Maximise your time with family and friends.

M365 allows you to plan and strategies a variety of family/friend related activities. From get-togethers to general family time, staying on top of your schoolwork, adding due dates to calendars and more – you can easily manage multiple Email accounts, lists and notes in one single view.

  • Stay connected to those who matter.

With Teams, you’re able to bring your family and friends together for calls, video calls and chats – but why should it stop there? You can host virtual events such as birthdays or baby showers (although we’re not quite sure where the gifts go) or collaborate with classmates on group assignments. Create separate chats for family, friends, colleagues, and schoolmates – and redefine the way we work, play and interact.

  • Full protection for the entire family.

Ensuring you (and your loved ones) are always protected begins with creating healthy habits. With the Microsoft Family Safety App, you can apply screen time on devices, apps and games. Furthermore, you can block inappropriate apps or games and restrict the content users engage with. Content filtering keeps your viewing kid-friendly, and in turn give you as a digital parent peace of mind. Better yet, you can share locations with family members whilst saving the list of places they visit. Most of all, say goodbye to worrying when your kids take your car out for a spin – you can track speeds, how often drivers use their phone while at the wheel and even how often they brake too hard – it really makes us grateful we learned to drive many, many years ago.

Whilst Microsoft 365 for Home use sounds like one umbrella with many Apps to get you through the day, the reality is for more and infinite possibilities. From sharing your Microsoft 365 family with up to six people (with each using up to five device simultaneously across Windows, Android, Mac and iOS), Microsoft 365 Personal is a single person subscription which allows you to use up to 5 devices at the same time.

We live in a smarter, more digitised world – and modern parenting should be reflective of that. The things which really, truly matter deserve nothing short of the best – and it doesn’t come better than Microsoft 365 for Consumer and Home.