If your organisation is like most across the globe, you have clients, partners and employees that want to connect with you on different video conference platforms. But with so many options available, you may be grappling with which one to deploy.

Vox has the cost effective and easy to deploy solution that you have been looking for – Vox Air.

Vox Air, powered by Pexip – rated number 1 by video conferencing users worldwide – simplifies video communication across borders, businesses and platforms. The conferencing tool provides any business, regardless of its size, with a flexible and scalable video conference platform that enables interoperability between multiple disparate video conference systems.

It eliminates the need for costly and complex bridge equipment, allowing you to video conference with anyone in the world, on any device, at any time.

Your subscription to Vox Air will provide you with:

  1. A smarter way to communicate with external organisations that may use different tools.
  2. A transparent bridge between existing systems so your users do not have to learn new software or workflows.
  3. A Vox hosted and administered cloud bridge to help you simply use and extend the life of the end points you currently have.
  4. A future-proofed solution that protects your current investments.

This Platform is always-on 365 days a year – so your employees can video conference as and when they need to.

Vox Air Image
Designed for interoperability, engineered for reliability, optimised for resource efficiency and perfected by Vox for cost efficiency.


Before you consider purchasing or upgrading your video conferencing solution or platform, speak to your Vox account manager or our video solution experts about Vox Air.

You can contact us at Gareth.Edwards@voxtelecom.co.za or Andrew.King@voxtelecom.co.za.