An innocent click can unleash digital disaster and sink your business. Keep your employees and your information safe with Vox and King Price

The last thing you want is to be headlining the evening news with “How Karen destroyed the company”. Your company. That you built brick by brick – and it could all come crashing down with one click.

Cybercrime has been identified as the most disruptive economic crime likely to affect organisations. 94% of businesses fall victim to cybercrime, 71% of businesses experience malicious attacks and 61% of businesses suffer negative impacts from cybercrime. Cybercrime is on the rise and wreaking more havoc than ever in an increasingly digital ‘work-from-home’ world.

Most common cyber attacks such as phishing and ransomware occur due to human error. You might be cyber savvy, but the chances are that many in your organisation aren’t.

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According to the State of Email Security 2019 report by Mimecast, the number of global phishing attacks have increased and it is quite complex for SMEs to secure themselves as best as possible, says Craig Freer, Executive Head of Cloud at Vox. “It really is a case of they do not know what they do not know.”

South Africa has the third highest number of cybercrime victims worldwide, with the impact of an attack ranging from financial to reputational loss. Your business doesn’t have to be a statistic. Arm your company with three powerful tools:

Best of breed cybersecurity

It is becoming increasingly complex for SMEs to secure themselves, but cyber risk management doesn’t have to be complicated and costly. An easy-to-use platform help manage cyber risks facing your organisation and track your improvement progress.

The Vox Cybersecurity Platform offers an effective self-service platform to assess your cyber risks, train and test your employees and track your progress.

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Cyber insurance to keep you in business

You need a plan to ensure that your business is fully protected against cyber risks. A few clicks can lead your business to being hacked, phished or scammed through infected attachments – and you could lose everything.

King Price Cybersure cover includes cyber liability and cybercrime, data breach expenses, damage to computer systems and data, extra costs, and loss of income, as a result of insured incidents.

A comprehensive IT security toolkit

As targeted security attacks grow exponentially, the right tools are a critical element of every business strategy.

The Vox IT Security Toolbox helps you monitor your security environment 24/7, while keeping endpoint devices safe from viruses, malware and ransomware. Control what enters and leaves your network, and what your employees have access to with Vox’s intelligent all-in-one solution.

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Vox has joined forces with King Price Cybersure to arm you with comprehensive cyber protection. Sign up for the Vox Cybersecurity Portal, from as little as R75 per month per user, and you’ll get 20% off King Price Cybersure to cover the assets that your business needs to perform in this digital age.

To enquire more about our cybersecurity solutions, leave your details with us here and one of our specialised solution architects will give you a call.