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Cybercrime is on the rise and wreaking more havoc than ever in an increasingly digital ‘work-from-home’ world. Whether you are a big blue-chip organisation or an enthusiastic small start-up, cybercriminals are looking for a way in. And all it takes is one click to open the door to digital disaster.

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Vox has joined forces with King Price Cybersure to arm you with comprehensive cyber protection. Sign up for the Vox Cybersecurity Portal, from as little as R75 per month per user, and you'll get 20% off King Price Cybersure to cover the assets that your business needs to perform in this digital age.

Please note: King Price Cybersure will require that your computer system must be protected by a firewall, email security, antivirus software and back-up. Should you not have any of these, Vox can assist.


Sign up for the Vox
Cybersecurity Portal


Get 20% off
King Price Cybersure


Explore Vox's IT
Security Toolbox

Cyber risk management doesn't have to be complicated and expensive.
The Vox Cybersecurity Portal offers an effective, cost efficient self-service platform.


Let Vox assist you with analysing, managing and reducing your cyber
risk with our Vox Cybersecurity Portal. From as little as R75 per month* per user.

Business Toolkit

  • Cybersecurity health check
  • Cyber risk dashboard
  • Ready-to-edit templates
  • Security awareness posters


  • Cybersecurity awareness courses
  • Changing culture requires engaging, fun and informative training on a regular basis

Simulated Attacks

  • Based on real-world incidents
  • Automated delivery and reporting
  • Simulated real-world cyberattacks to test, measure and fix effectiveness of the training

Reporting Dashboard

  • Get clear actionable reports
  • To measure and identify risky areas
  • Export data for meaningful management and reporting

Sign up for the Vox Cybersecurity Portal and receive a 20% discount on your King Price Cybersure policy.


Your King Price Cybersure cover includes cyber liability and cybercrime, data breach expenses, damage to computer systems and data, extra costs, and loss of income, as a result of insured incidents.

Avoid chinks in your armour

King Price Cybersure covers your software and data, and protects you against liability arising from cyberattacks against your IT network. Cybersure includes cover for cyber liability and cybercrime, data breach expenses and data as well as the associated loss of income.

Click, click, hacked

Sharing is caring, but not when it comes to the info that keeps you in business. In just a couple of clicks, you can be hacked, phished, scammed, and easily seduced into opening infected attachments. You could even be held to ransom… And your business could lose everything.

Cybercrime is no game

You need a plan to ensure that your business is fully protected against cyber risks. And the king has developed just the plan for you: King Price Cybersure. Let the king of insurance protect your business.

*Premiums starting from R450 per month for R500 000 cover for small and medium enterprises with basic IT infrastructures

Please note: King Price Cybersure will require that your computer system must be protected by a firewall, email security, antivirus software and back-up. Should you not have any of these, Vox can assist.

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Get the tools that keep your business safe.

As targeted security attacks grow exponentially, the right tools are a critical element of every business strategy. Here's where the Vox IT Security Toolbox comes in handy:


Protect your network from malware and intrusions, allow your staff to securely access authorised systems even when working remotely, set up time/content based polices for internet access - and enjoy comprehensive reporting.


Simply and securely store all critical data - ensuring full recovery which can mean the difference between seamless business continuity and complete paralysis of your business.


Provides a set of programmes that are designed to prevent, search for, detect, and remove software viruses, and other malicious software.

Managed Services

We get our hands dirty, so that you don’t have to. By partnering with Vox, you will be able to leverage your current investment and minimise your IT costs.

Email Security

A powerful system that combines security, continuity, and archiving functions, targets malware, spam, phishing, data leaks, outages and social engineering attacks.

Vox Cybersecurity helps you to:
The Vox IT Security Toolbox helps you monitor your security environment 24/7, while keeping endpoint devices safe from viruses, malware and ransomware. Control what enters and leaves your network, and what your employees have access to with Vox's intelligent all-in-one solution.

To enquire more about these products click here.

Remove the risk and keep cybercrime out with comprehensive cyber protection from Vox and King Price cybersure.

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