Is one that allows you to scale back your printing costs without sacrificing productivity and fits neatly on a desktop.

The way we work may have changed slightly, but one thing remains constant for businesses big or small: the office printer is still king. There is a lot to be said for going paperless at work (honestly, over the last five years or so, a lot has been said about it), yet there’s really no substitute for holding warm, freshly printed documents in our hands and filing them safely away for future reference, to be copied, scanned or emailed again at a later date.

Just because your business needs an MFP (multifunction printer), it doesn’t necessarily need the hulking behemoth of offices past (and by past, we mean 2020). There’s a better way, we promise.

Reassess your printing needs

Chances are your printing needs may have dropped dramatically in the last year or so, but that doesn’t mean you have to scale back completely or be unprepared should your printing needs suddenly pick up.

Luckily, it’s possible to find compact desktop MFPs with high-page yields that won’t cripple your annual budget – especially if you opt to rent instead of buy.

Not only will your printing needs be sorted, but you’ll have access to scanning to email, copying and faxing capabilities in a single, compact offering. Scanning most documents to PDF can dramatically cut down on your printing costs, while emailing those documents directly from your device will save time and increase productivity.

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Because your MFP is a laser printer, you’ll benefit from a lower cost per page yield and also rest easy knowing that when there is a lull in printing needs, your toner won’t dry up or mysteriously disappear like ink does in an inkjet printer…

Enjoy enhanced functionality

There’s no denying it – printer management and configuration is never easy (even for most seasoned IT pros), so it helps if you choose an MFP with built-in management software that allows experts to remotely troubleshoot key maintenance tasks and firmware upgrades. Wi-Fi enabled MFPs also allow you to print from your smartphone or tablet with ease, saving time and frustration in the process.

While we’re about saving time and frustration, wouldn’t it be great if your MFP sent you a timely notification to let you know when to order more toner before you ran out? Better still, what if that notification included a direct link to purchase the correct toner for your printer? You know it. That’s why we’ve included it as part of our Managed Print offering as well as a next-business day onsite support program for true peace of mind.