Needless to say, the need for Cloud computing solutions is more prevalent in 2021 than ever before. We already know how Covid19 and the resulting lockdowns have impacted businesses, but with an added emphasis on remote workspaces, companies are becoming increasingly reliant on cloud-based solutions to replace their in-office counterparts. Thankfully, Braintree offers an all-in-one service offering that covers exactly that.

So, what is Microsoft Azure?

Well, the lack of understanding around cloud computing may lead some to say: “The Cloud is just someone else’s computer,” or  “where is my data?” But the full range of Microsoft Azure services covers so much more than simply relocating on-premises servers to the cloud. In addition to those services, customers have a full range of platform options, giving their organisations access to cloud-based storage without the necessity of managing a server.

Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s public cloud-computing platform, offering tools that support businesses from pretty much any industry.

Their variety of cloud services include computing, storage, analytics, networking and more. The software also offers various third-party applications and ranges from Basic to Premier. The former (ideal for small businesses) includes 24/7 self-help resources, unlimited support tickets and a free personalised Azure Advisor, whilst the latter (for bigger organisations and corporates) offers complete coverage, onsite or online support and a technical account manager assigned to your specific profile.

How does it help my business?

Well, that is entirely up to you. The most popular use for Azure would be eliminating the need for conventional “hard” servers and on-site hardware as you transition to the cloud. It also allows users to host infrastructure components and offers industry solutions to fields such as Manufacturing, Retail, Financial Services, Government and Healthcare.

Furthermore, the cloud adoption framework is perfect for achieving both short and long-term goals. These include accelerating developer frequency and time to market, gaining deeper data insights, optimising costs to save money and, most importantly, protecting your business assets or data against threats with built-in, multi-layered security.

In a nutshell, Microsoft Azure is the perfect platform for relocating your physical business to the cloud. Your data is safely stored and accessible wherever you are, their variety of platforms are tailor made to maximise productivity and, of course, your business ROI can reach new heights as you find new, more efficient ways to adapt to the post Covid-19 digital world.

Better yet, your journey into said cloud does not end once you have activated Azure. At Braintree, our track record of over 25 years of experience means we have become experts at cost-optimisation, managing your platforms efficiently and ultimately helping you get to grips with Azure as a whole. For a more comprehensive breakdown of all our Braintree offerings, visit the Azure Services or KickStart product pages.