For better or for worse, the business world we live in today is vastly different to that of two years ago. The Coronavirus pandemic has drastically impacted our working lives in a hitherto unseen manner, definitively altering our economic and commercial landscape for good.

Whilst initially, the concepts of lockdowns and regulations were largely met with fear, it is testament to the dexterity of our South African spirit that many businesses have come to not just survive but thrive in this drastically altered working environment. As a nation, our history is steeped in difficulty, but equally so in an ability to overcome. In fact, one can almost say that said ability is intertwined in our DNA, so strong is our propensity to rise in the face of any challenge.

When lockdown was first introduced, the default response for many was pure panic. Employees and employers alike faced sleepless nights as they faced a now uncertain future, one which promised change and unchartered territory. What would tomorrow hold? How would businesses operate? When would they open again? Would employees still have a job when it’s all over? Nobody had answers, but one thing was clear- brands had to adapt or get lost in the chaos.

Whilst it’s true that many businesses are still struggling to adjust to this new, unfamiliar world, a fair amount have managed to make metaphorical lemonade out of some pretty huge lemons.

The transition has been far from seamless, yet we find ourselves in a socio-economic landscape wherein “the new normal” has actually worked in the favour of many.

Let’s not downplay the reality- it’s been tough on everyone. Yet, inconceivable as it may have initially seemed, with this paradigm shift and its resultant challenges came a set of solutions- solutions which have in turn revolutionised our business landscape for the better. True, many businesses are still acclimatising, but there are those that have thrived. For better or worse, we find ourselves in a socio-economic landscape which can make or break your brand, and we at Vox aim to understand how our digital solutions factor into this equation.

Herein, we’ll explore all the ways said solutions can assist with effectively running your business and answer your WFH questions. How do we track employees, enhance productivity and keep things running smoothly without in-person workspaces? What options, if any, do organisations have and how can Vox play a role in easing said transition?

We’ll unpack both and more in vivid detail, as well as assess how Vox, FTTB and PBX can assist you in adapting to the new today.