Market-leading Internet Service Provider, Vox, has partnered with fibre infrastructure company MetroFibre Networx (MFN) to not only provide affordable access to connectivity, but to also help communities more easily access fresh water.

While spending time in the communities of KwaThema in Ekurhuleni and Shakaskraal in KwaZulu Natal, teams from both Vox and MFN realised that while these communities were benefiting from affordable internet connectivity, there were other pressing needs that could be addressed.

These communities, like so many others in South Africa, do not have access to clean, safe running water. In response, 20 litre buckets were given to hundreds of Vox customers, an initiative that has been met with great enthusiasm as it makes their daily task of collecting water from the community reservoir to their doorstep that much easier.

“For many years now, Vox and MFN have been at the forefront of providing affordable access to reliable high-speed internet, to enable more South Africans to participate in our growing connected economy. While fibre and connectivity is becoming increasingly important, especially for learners and small businesses, even more vital is the need to further assist these communities who often live in very challenging circumstances. Thanks to the teams on the ground and the partnering communities for helping us to identify areas of need where we are able to support our customers,” says Vox.

Over 250 customers in both KwaThema and Shakaskraal have benefited from this CSI initiative, with other initiatives targeting additional communities in the pipeline.