About Shelly van Heerden

Shelly van Heerden and her husband are both gamers. They use Internet connectivity for a host of reasons which range from gaming online, gaming downloads, general browsing, streaming services and researching their hobbies in the tech industry.


Online Gaming

According to Business Live, the online gaming industry in South Africa is exploding. With online gaming, everybody gets to play regardless of age, gender and nationality. Since Internet latency can cost players their game, online gamers rely on a fast Internet speed to compete. Some gaming enthusiasts are also social media marketers and influencers, posting online video tutorials, vlogs, and videos of themselves playing live.


The Challenge

As a gaming enthusiast, van Heerden wanted to start live streaming her playing. At the time van Heerden’s Internet was powered by ADSL. “I experienced packet loss when I tried to live stream my playing. Essentially, the stream I was broadcasting would freeze at points, and my game graphics would largely stutter. Our ADSL connectivity was just not strong enough to live stream,” says van Heerden.

Van Heerden recalls how downloading anything with a large amount of data, especially games, would take a very long time while on their ADSL connection. “Some downloads could take a whole night to complete,” says van Heerden.

Van Heerden also comments on other limits she faced with an ADSL connection. “Sometimes when both my husband and I were connected at the same time, the Internet would lag,” she adds.


The Solution

Van Heerden and her husband adopted Fibre to the Home in 2017. “Vox was in our area at the time we wanted to get Fibre. We compared prices and packages with a couple of providers and found Vox to have the best price for what we wanted,” says van Heerden.

Van Heerden says it was Vox’s salesman who kept checking in on them that helped them settle on choosing Fibre from Vox. “We’re on a 100Mbps/50Mbps Openserve line with 600Gb of Fibre,” says van Heerden. “What used to take us a night to download on ADSL now takes us 10 minutes,” she adds.

Van Heerden loves the stability she gets from Vox Fibre. “I’m always around for practices and matches, and my team can rely on me. I love that my line speed is sufficient for me to always be updated first in the team, and I’m grateful for this opportunity,” she says.

Fibre has created a greater experience for streaming and gaming in the Van Heerden household “My husband and I can both be online and have absolutely no connectivity issues,” says van Heerden. “When watching Netflix, we wait about three seconds and then watch the whole show in high definition,” she says. “We stream YouTube like a dream,” she adds.


Overall experience with Vox

“Vox is awesome,” says van Heerden. She adds that the only time they have had issues with connectivity is when someone in their complex is installing a Fibre line. “We have had a few hiccups here and there but not nearly as many as when we had ADSL,” she says. “Plus, Vox representatives always come to check up on us to make sure our Fibre line is looking good. They rock,” she adds.

The van Heerden household have also added an IP phone from Vox in place of their landline, “What’s great about our IP phone is that we don’t have to rent a landline anymore,” says van Heerden.