About Mastercare

Mastercare specialises in appliance and electronic repair. Their services include installation, repairs to home appliances, servicing the retail trade in and out of warranty period, and end-user maintenance care plans. They also include value-added products to leading brands and retail chains of home appliances.


Businesses like Mastercare have a large part of their staff either behind the phone, working on a computer doing operational tasks, or in a warehouse doing manual labour. Companies in this industry need to have the infrastructure required to make and receive a large volume of calls daily. They also own a number of warehouses where security is a major concern. Since most desk jobs in these kinds of businesses are administrative and operational, electronic hardware does not have to be at the top end of the market, but due to time sensitive SLAs and multiple deadlines, very little IT downtime can be afforded.

The Business Challenge

“Our CEO, Wesley Rabie, cares a lot about being cost-efficient,” says Nico Oosthuizen, Director of IT at Mastercare. He adds that Mastercare have roughly 70 staff in their company. Oosthuizen says the company not only has a large need for communication, but also needs IT hardware as most companies do. “This is a huge cost to the company,” he says.

“Additionally, maintaining all our laptops, making sure they all have the required software they need along with the updates they require is crucial, but can take a lot of time,” says Oosthuizen.

The nature of Mastercare’s business is to deliver quality services in a timely manner. For this reason, very little downtime can be afforded in the business. “If any of our laptops give us trouble, we cannot waste time resolving these issues. We need our computers up and running quickly,” he adds.

The Business Solution

Mastercare already had Internet and voice over data from Vox, along with Guardian Eye security cameras. “Since we are nationwide, our company needs a great voice solution. We also have to have security cameras for our warehouses as security is a large concern for our business,” says Oosthuizen.

Vox prides itself in having holistic solutions for all businesses, so it was only natural for Mastercare to add another service from Vox. Mastercare found a cost and time saving solution with Vox’s hardware rental service, HaaS (Hardware as a Service). “Renting our hardware from Vox was a natural step. Not only is renting hardware cost efficient – pleasing to my CEOs ears -but having the added services of HaaS saves us on downtime,” he adds.

Oosthuizen explains how just the other day, his CEO’s PA started having issues with her computer. “She has important work to do and can’t afford not having a computer. We logged a ticket with Vox and in five to 10 minutes, we had a response saying a technician would be sent out to look at it,” adds Oosthuizen.

Mastercare has also added Office 365 to their package so that their software stays synced and up-to-date across the business.

Oosthuizen comments that having HaaS and the added insurance that comes with the service, gives him great peace of mind. “If all our hardware had to be suddenly be stolen, our business would not be affected. The hardware will be replaced the next day,” he says. “We can’t go on without our laptops, they help us with the daily running of our business,” he adds.

Overall experience with Vox

Oosthuizen says their company has benefited from the great service they have received from Vox, “At Mastercare, we’re completely satisfied with Vox. Their turnaround time is great. Not just with HaaS, but they’re also quick to respond when our Internet or phone lines happen to go down,” says Oosthuizen.

Commenting specifically on the HaaS service, Nico says that when their computers have died due to normal wear and tear, Vox has been quick to replace them and have been great with following up on all their queries.

“All of Vox’s products and services are scalable to our business,” says Oosthuizen. “As we’ve grown, Vox has grown with us,” he adds.