Vox has announced the introduction of Vox Cloud Mail, an enterprise-grade solution that will help businesses reduce email costs by up to half, by charging them based on how much overall storage space they use rather than the number of users being added.

Traditional business email offerings are often based on paying for the number of mailboxes being added, with each mailbox being given a predefined amount of storage space. The reality though is that most staff only use between 30% and 50% of their mailbox capacity, with the platform providers benefiting from breakage.

“Vox Cloud Mail is a refreshing approach to email: we allow you unlimited email inboxes, and you only pay for the storage you use, saving your business anything between 30% and 50% annually on email costs. Even better, Vox is allocating their Fibre to the Business (FTTB) customers a certain storage tier free of charge,” says Craig Freer, Executive Head of Cloud and Managed Services at Vox.

All customers will be given unlimited mailboxes that can be self-managed. In addition, customers with a 10MB FTTB line will get 100GB free in email storage space, 20MB line will get 150GB of storage, and 50MB line will get 200GB of email storage.

For the top-end, this represents a potential saving in excess of R19 000 or more annually.

“In addition, if it is a standard migration – that is just a platform to platform sync, which in most cases it is – Vox will carry out the migration from your current provider to Vox Cloud Mail for free. This will be done by our skilled Managed IT services team that has over a decade’s experience in mailbox migrations,” says Freer.

The Vox Cloud Mail platform includes enhanced functionality such as self-management of individual mailboxes, allowing businesses to create an unlimited number of mailboxes and allocate storage to each one, and manage them accordingly. When businesses need more storage to meet their needs, they can simply upgrade to the next storage tier, with an additional 100GB of storage costing just R1,80 per month. Alternatively, they can contact the Vox Customer Centre to have all of this done for them.

Productivity and collaboration features in the solution include email access from anywhere, contacts, tasks, calendars, calendar sharing, file sharing and chat – as well as comprehensive administrative tools for organisations to manage all of this. Customers gain further value-added services including email security, email archiving, email branding and office productivity tools.

“Similarly, Vox will be providing their Fibre to the Home (FTTH) customers with free email on the shared Vox Cloud Mail domain. Each account will get five mailboxes for the family, with each user getting 5GB of storage space, which can also be upgraded. This is ideal for new users who are looking for an easy to remember email address rather than being forced to include multiple characters and numbers with their name, as is often the case with existing email providers.