South African Fibre users who have to make do without access to the service during loadshedding or other power outages now have a solution at hand, in the form of the newly launched Vox UPS from Vox.

The Vox UPS uses a splitter to connect to both the optical network terminal (ONT) – the consumer premise equipment installed by service providers – and your WiFi router and can power both to ensure uninterrupted connectivity.

The unit is ‘plug and play’ and can be installed by anyone, so there is no need for a professional technician to help you out.

While people can use a conventional UPS as well, this is a far neater, lighter and cost-effective solution.

“The device ensures Fibre users still have access to the Internet via their WiFi network during a power outage,” says Jurgen Sorton, Head of Managed IT at Vox.

The UPS comes with three power cable adapters, to ensure that it is compatible with most ONTs and routers used by infrastructure providers in the country. It also comes with an extension cable that can be used in case the user’s ONT and router are far apart.

Sorton adds that the Vox UPS has a battery with a 5200mAh storage capacity, which is much larger than other similar offerings available on the local market today and is capable of providing users with up to four hours of uptime. It also comes with a one-year guarantee.

“Customers can order it together with their Fibre connectivity, or as a stand-alone product through the Vox website. In addition, Vox installers will carry stock of the Vox UPS in their vehicles, and users will be able to purchase them on the spot,” says Sorton

The Vox UPS is available at R79 per month over a 24-month contract period, and is available on the Vox website.