Vox looks to the channel to capitalise on virtual data centre demand

Vox is looking to extend its virtual data centre offering by making it available to its channel partners.

“We believe there is a good revenue opportunity, especially for managed services providers, that cannot afford to purchase the full cloud infrastructure,” says Craig Freer, executive head of Cloud and Managed Services at Vox.

Since the launch of its Virtual Data Centre offering in 2017, Vox has seen a significant uptake by customers, and believes that by extending availability to its channel, that more companies can leverage the power of the cloud to transform their business.

Adds Freer, “We do still have customers that work directly with us and this is unlikely to change, but we are keen to grow out channel and extend our solutions footprint. Finding ways to empower our channel to sell solutions and services like our Virtual Data Centre (VDC), means we can grow a thriving and profitable ICT eco-system that is based on value and value-for-money.”

Channel partners that are interested in offering VDC to their customers can contact Vox to find out how to benefit from this offering.