About Daly Morris Fuller Inc

Daly Morris Fuller Inc is an established attorneys firm based in Westville, Durban. The practice advises in all areas of the law and aims to provide clients with a personal, prompt and cost-effective service.  They are made up of 38 staff whose roles range from support to professional.


It is critical for companies in the law industry to have an IT environment that is up-to-date, compliant and secure. Law firms deal with time-sensitive and confidential information and are expected to deliver a highly professional service.

The Business Challenge

For Daly Morris Fuller Inc, the problem started with the switchboards. “They were so old we couldn’t even re-record our voicemail without paying exorbitant amounts. This was especially problematic when our company changed its name,” says Chantele Schutzler, a Director at Daly Morris Fuller Inc.

Daly Morris Fuller Inc began sourcing quotes for a new PBX. During this time, they began a full introspection of their company’s IT environment and decided to upgrade from ADSL to fibre connectivity. Unfortunately, their ADSL provider (their IT company) was unable to lay fibre cabling down and they had to look elsewhere.

Around the same time, the company’s 5 year-old-computers were tired and had outdated software. Daly Morris Fuller Inc spoke to their IT company about renting computers, but they only had a rent to buy option and since the cost structure would change, they needed to source more quotes.

Schutzler didn’t want to deal with multiple service providers for each solution. Her concern was that they would most likely lay blame on each other when something happened to go wrong. They wanted to deal with one service provider only.

Vox was able to provide all the solutions Daly Morris Fuller Inc were looking for.

The Business Solution

Daly Morris Fuller Inc decided to take an audit of their IT environment and everything their practice needed to function. They got quotes from their IT company as well as from other service providers.

Candice Piché from Bluedoors, a Vox Business Partner, introduced Schutzler to the solutions Vox offered. Vox was the provider Daly Morris Fuller Inc were looking for. Working with Vox meant the company could deal with one service provider with various solutions to meet all their requirements.

They signed up with Vox for a 50Mbps uncapped broadband line and an uncapped voice bundle.  From there they inquired about hardware rental from Vox and signed up for Vox’s Hardware as a Service (HaaS). “Renting makes sense. At first, I was skeptical about renting second hand hardware, but after some investigating, I realised it was not so much the quality of the hardware, but of the software. You don’t need a brand new laptop to have a state-of-the-art computer,” says Schutzler.

To keep their software up-to-date and their IT environment secure, they signed up for a fully managed IT service from Vox, which includes migration to Office 365, server support, network support, desktop support, email security, managed firewall and cabling.

“Half of our staff now have laptops and with everyone having access to OneDrive through Office 365, they have the ability to work from home,” says Schutzler. “We have the latest versions of everything along with Mimecast which we never had before. Mimecast has blocked emails and saved us from cyber-attacks. We have been hacked before, but with Mimecast we now have peace of mind,” she adds.

Renting makes sense. You don’t need a brand new laptop to have a state-of-the-art computer.

Overall experience with Vox

“Switching everything over to Vox took about 9 months in total. This included laying fibre down, installing switchboards, migrating everything over to Office 365, taking over the entire IT environment and providing rented hardware to the company. During this time, we would always receive status updates. It was great to be kept in the loop,” says Schutzler.

Schutzler says that dealing with one person makes the service experience easy and enjoyable. “Candice from Bluedoors has been amazing to work with,” says Schutzler. Daly Morris Fuller Inc are satisfied that they can call whenever they have any queries. Having someone on-site once a week to help with their on-site requests is also helpful.

Schutzler adds that everything else like server support, firewall management, network support and cabling is dealt with in the background and runs seamlessly.