About King Price

King Price Insurance specialises in short term insurance. They have won numerous awards including Fastest Growing Insurance Company in South Africa in 2019 and are known as the only short-term insurer that lowers their insurance premium monthly.

Insurance Industry

Insurance companies hold personal details, financial details and the like, in their care. They deal with a lot of sensitive and private information. It is therefore imperative that these companies have a way to have all this information stored, archived and secured.

The Business Challenge

“Our company has grown by an average of 47% yearly over the last seven years and we are currently the front leader of growth in our industry,” says Sebastian Erasmus, Network and Security Engineer at King Price Insurance. “We wanted a vendor that would grow with us, a company that would help us adopt new products as and when we need them,” he adds.

Not only did King Price Insurance need to store their files safely and securely, and ensure their network is prepared for disaster recovery or network failure, they also needed to keep up with the pace of the insurance industry. Measures to increase efficiency and speed were a necessity.

“We used to back up our documents with hard drives and with another company that stores physical documents,” says Erasmus. “The problem with this method was that our documents would go through a lot of hands, not only posing a security risk, but allowing for many points of failure,” he adds, highlighting that this was not a seamless process.

Along with this, two of King Price’s core IT goals were to migrate to the Cloud and keep their core network at Teraco, building a hybrid cloud. They were looking for a service provider to help them meet these goals.

Aside from this, King Price had another issue they were dealing with. This was with regards to their company mobile SIMs, “We have had some employees abusing the company’s mobile data, but we were unable to control this or create accountability for it,” says Erasmus.

The Business Solution

King Price Insurance was introduced to Vox through Knekt Telecoms, a Vox Business Partner, so they already had Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) lines with Vox.

Vox was also the first company to offer King Price Fortinet, a leading firewall brand, of which Vox are platinum partners.

“The relationship we have with Vox has been nothing short of amazing,” says Erasmus. It’s because of this relationship that King Price found a company that could provide the scalability they were looking for. “Vox has a plethora of products to assist with Cloud migration and their presence at Teraco is also helpful,” says Erasmus.

He adds that migrating to the Cloud has given King Price the control they need to store their data on premise. “We are also set up for disaster recovery thanks to the network redundancy Vox helped us build,” says Erasmus.

Migrating to the Cloud has opened the doors of Veeam Backup, a backup software sold and supported by Vox, to King Price. “Veeam Backup has solved a lot of problems for us, it is safe, fast, reliable and efficient,” says Erasmus. “Vox also manages our backup, not only do we have peace of mind knowing who is control of our backup at all times, but we have saved time and money when we compare Veeam Backup and Vox Managed Backup Services to our previous traditional way of backing up,” he adds.

In addition to this, Vox’s private APN (Access Point Name) enabled King Price to monitor abuse on all their SIM cards, “We can now hold staff accountable for their use of company mobile data,” says Erasmus.

Overall experience with Vox

“Vox have gone above and beyond,” says Erasmus. “We get amazing products from them and their service delivery is proactive and always on point. They always take our budget into consideration,” he adds.

Erasmus adds that he has found Vox to have a great knowledge of technology, which is always helpful to their company, “Vox goes to extreme lengths to demo products,” he says and adds that Vox sitting in on monthly meetings for service reviews is valuable.

“Any issues we have had with Vox products have been on the fault of third-party vendors,” says Erasmus, “and Vox has been quick to help us with those issues and liaise with said vendors,” he adds.