Vox has selected Teraco’s Riverfields Hyperscale data centre facility near Kempton Park as an additional location in the Gauteng region, from which to provide services to a wide range of customers.

“Provisioning of our routing, switching, compute, storage and associated redundant fibre infrastructure has been completed with our co-location and cloud services now in full production. The Riverfields facility forms part of the Vox strategy for Geo redundant services for Carrier, Voice and Cloud customers,” says Keith Laaks, Executive Head: Core, at Vox.

“Vox will deliver open peering as per our policy at the Riverfields location, in addition to NAPAfrica peering. Migration of co-location customers from our Waverley data center to Riverfields is progressing well. We are shutting down the Vox operated Waverley data centre in November, having opted to outsource a non-core activity, such as data centre facilities management, to a competent provider.”

According to Laaks, the reasons for choosing the location include the trusted long-term relationship between Vox, Teraco and NAPAfrica; its close proximity to the existing Isando facility that ensures minimal latencies delivering high performance data replication essential for our geo-redundant storage products; the availability of 6000 m2 of deployment space and over 24 megawatts of stable power.

Carrier connectivity into the Vox footprint is provided by redundant rings delivered by Frogfoot.

The data centre in Bredell is the fourth carrier, cloud and vendor neutral facility to be built by Teraco. In addition to Isando and Riverfields, Vox also uses Teraco’s Durban and Cape Town data centres thorugh which it delivers its extensive range of services.

“We are very happy with the new facility’s design, level of fault tolerance, maintainability and operations in line with global industry best practices”, concludes Laaks.