We’ve all been there, we’ve all done that.

Some countries experience outages, but in SA, we’ve embraced them like Bheki Cele embraces a new hat.

One minute you’re minding your own business, enjoying the bliss of a light-filled world. You could be laying on the couch or enjoying some alone time on the can (where else can parents get a minute of peace?), when, suddenly, darkness strikes.

There goes the universe, right? You feel your hopes and dreams getting drained away as fast as the power switch, you curse everyone from Voldemort to the Knights of the Old Republic, and you’re destined to spend the next few hours staring into the ether as you ponder the ending of the last episode of Firefly lane (although technically, they’re all cliffhangers).  Aside from your sanity, one of the first things that trips is your connectivity. Which can be an issue if you’re like us and need to work during normal business hours. Deadlines, projects, meetings and beyond all come to a complete standstill- which may be fine if you work at Home Affairs, but to the everyday employee, it can have damning consequences.

Enter Vox UPS, which may not be able to restore your power, but it will definitely keep your Fibre or LTE Router connected for up to four hours during a shortage (if only we could send one to Eskom). And, while we’d love to complain about outages until they go away for good, it wouldn’t be a product blog without some features.

How about four hours of uptime and automatic activation? Or a small, compact device with plug and play installation and 24/7 support? How does the thought of keeping your business running while your competitors are crawling strike you? Or, if that’s not enough, the ability to Netflix and chill as your neighbours acquaint themselves with darkness, their old friend?

Gone are the days of coming home after work and missing out on your evening relaxation time, or the absolute nightmare that is trying to meet a deadline with a looming power cut. Working from home can continue with ease, and you never have to fear draining your Data needlessly again. You’re paying for your Internet, and you deserve to make full use of it- what use is a monthly retainer if you can’t spend 3 hours a night deciding what to watch on Netflix?

At Vox, we understand our consumer needs, which is why our products aim to address relevant challenges.

We know how tough it is running a business, particularly one that requires remote connection, and we’d never want to leave you stranded. As such, The Vox UPS is created for customers and small businesses with 20 employees or less, but truth be told it’s perfect for everyone during these tough times. They told us to stay at home, and then they left us in the dark- but let’s light up our lives with continuous, uninterrupted streaming no matter what Stage we’re in.

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