So, you’ve set up your spare bedroom and you’re good to go: Laptop, check; cellphone, check; Internet connection, strong. Basically, you’re sorted to work from home. You’re Skyping your team, collaborating on spreadsheets, to meet that looming deadline, and nothing can stop you – not even social distancing.

But, what about loadshedding? Or a low airtime balance? Without power, you can’t do much – no electricity means no Internet, and no Internet means you can’t buy minutes or data through your banking app.

If only you had an uninterruptible power source and an app you could make all those business calls on, despite the power cuts.

Powered up for productivity

Until now, a generator has been your main weapon against dark days, but now that you’re at home a lot more, you’re realising that you may just need a UPS to keep you connected when your laptop battery isn’t the obstacle to getting on with your nine-to-five out of the office.

“Turning to technology will be necessary to make flexible work a widespread success. This is because the nature of work is changing as well,” says Tahira Nagdee, Manager at PwC Research Services South Africa.

A handy UPS device is part of that change, giving you hours of power to charge your Wi-Fi router, so it’s business as usual – loadshedding or not.

Connected through convenience

“Work is more collaborative and people are expected to communicate and break down the silos to work towards a common organisational goal,” says Nagdee. “Virtual collaboration tools are thus a must to make remote working and virtual teams a reality.”

Not only does a UPS power this new reality, but non-traditional ways of voice communication are helping people all over the world get their message across clearer.

Softphone apps such as Vobi allow you to port your landline number from the office and use it from your mobile phone while you’re working from home. Not only is this convenient, but it saves you the admin of sorting through phone bills to claim back money spent on business calls at home.

From the familiar to the future

Uncapped voice options and continuous Internet access are the future of remote working – and chasing deadlines is easier when the (temporary) shift from the familiarity of the office, becomes less of a disruption and more of an opportunity to be creative with the same tasks, just in your home.

The Vobi app can be downloaded via Google Play and Apple App stores. Find out more about the Vox UPS here.