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Bulk Mailer SMS

Compose your SMSes online or plan an SMS campaign, then let Bulk Mailer SMS distribute your messages to thousands of cellphones – from 500 to 100 000 recipients. This web-based tool lets you manage your contacts and databases, personalise messages, include unsubscribe and op-out links, and even enables importing users from solutions like Salesforce and Shopify. With Bulk Mailer SMS, you can slice and dice the database to target specific subscriber demographics, transforming a simple volume exercise into a smart SMS-driven campaign.



How It Works


  • Full functionality

    The Bulk Mailer SMS portal includes saved messages, scheduling, search and filtering, auto-response and triggers, and reporting.

  • Targeted sends

    Choose between “broadcast” type sending, multiple lists, or even individual contacts in your database. You can also target specific database demographics to send to.

  • Powerful reporting

    The portal lets you really understand your SMS campaigns – deliveries, failure to deliveries, and who opted out of the campaign

  • Archive logs

    Message logs give a good view of messages sent over a period of time - an archive of messages and message information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Top up SMS packages are available to purchase according to your requirements.

No. Bulk Mailer SMS credits can only be purchased on top up basis.

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