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Business DSL

Helping your business stay connected

Need internet access for your business but don’t have access to fibre? Choose Vox Business DSL as a temporary solution until fibre is available.

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Easy migration paths when upgrading from BDSL to Fibre to the Business


The same static IP’s are given when moving from BDSL to FTTB


The same provisioning router can be used when upgrading to FTTB

Our Business DSL Solutions

Business DSL is built for small to medium sized businesses that require unshaped and high-speed internet connectivity



Provisioning Router

BDSL can be used as a temporary solution until Fibre is made available. The same BDSL provisioning router can be used when upgrading to FTTB (Fibre to the Business), creating an easier migration path with less admin and change.


Business Priority Unshaped Connectivity

Receive fast Internet access at all times as traffic is not prioritised in a specific order. An uncapped data bundle is included in the package.


Fully managed router

Vox provisions, configures, monitors and manages your router to enable your business to focus on what matters.


24/7/365 Support

We have a 24/7/365 Contact Centre available to support businesses.


Secure Online Management Portal

Have full control of your DSL accounts via the Vox Customer Zone to upgrade or downgrade with ease, monitor usage, get usage notifications and manage data accounts.


Static IP Addresses

An additional /30 IP Address can be purchased per BDSL package. This gives you a single static IP, providing usable addresses for hosting, remote access and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services.

How It Works

4400.2 BDSL Web HIW V1 26042022 | Vox | Business DSL 4400.2 BDSL Web HIW V1 26042022 | Vox | Business DSL

Special Terms and Conditions

The following apply to All Business DSL products

  • Should Vox offer to conditionally waive, or subsidies setup fee(s) and the DSL subscription is terminated within twelve months of the activation date, the full setup fee is payable. Termination fees will not be prorated.
  • In the event of a customer cancelling an ADSL service to move to fibre to the business at the same premises, the ADSL setup fee(s) will not be applicable.
  • Customer must give one clear calendar month notice of his/her intention to cancel the services in writing and in accordance with the cancellation process set out in clause 19 of the General Terms and Conditions. Any notice given on or after the first day of the month will only take effect on the last day of the following month
  • ADSL is dependent on feasibility and line speeds are dependent on distance from exchange and copper quality.
  • All line speeds are dependent on Openserve network utilisation and are “best-effort” services, meaning the service is in no way guaranteed by Openserve or by Vox.

In the event of copper being stolen, copper will not be repaired or replaced by the DSL service provider. In such case, the Customer will be required to move to alternate forms of internet connectivity and an immediate cancellation will logged.

Installation lead times are between 6-8 weeks.

Still Have Questions?

We have all the Business DSL answers you need below

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. BDSL includes a managed DSL router and provisioning router supplied by Vox. Vox will configure the routers and ensure that your DSL service is correctly configured to provide the IP addresses included with the product. There is no need for you to provide the router, nor configure anything.

BDSL provides one (1) static (unchanging) IP address. An additional /30 IP Address can be purchased per BDSL package. This gives you a single static IP which provides usable addresses that can be used for hosting, remote access and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services.

No, you don’t need a telephone line to order BDSL. The service is an Internet-only service.

Vox Business DSL is offered on a 12-month contract. The contract term will be waivered when moving to FTTB (Fibre to the Business) service with Vox.

Vox Business DSL is uncapped and unshaped, however, an FUP (Fair Use Policy) is applicable. FUP enables other BDSL users to access the network fairly. FUP will be implemented for businesses who use more data in a specific timeframe.

No, DSL lines may be throttled once the business reaches data usage in a specific timeframe. However products can be upgraded to remove the FUP on their DSL service via the Vox Customer Zone.

DSL is a broadband service and line speeds are dependent on your distance from a Telkom exchange and copper quality.

Yes- the same Business DSL provisioning router can be used when you upgrade to Vox FTTB

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  • Free Router

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25 Mbps

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