Like PB&J, some things just go better together, and Frogfoot and Fibre are two of them. Over 15 years of telecoms and connectivity experience combine to create a brand renowned for technical excellence- one at the forefront of Fibre to the Home and Business growth throughout South Africa.

Frogfoot is at the heart of Fibre innovation and plays a leading role in understanding, improving and operating said networks throughout the country. However, the brands involvement doesn’t begin and end at simply providing their product, but rather expands to mastering it, which places them at the pinnacle of their market sector and then some.

The Challenge:

Lockdown saw Frogfoot as a whole growing from strength to strength, and with this expansion came a need for improved communications solutions which syncronised with an existing brand identity. For many years, the organisation found themselves limited by an outdated PBX system which performed its functions yet was never tested to a critical threshold. However, with the impact of Covid-19 came the looming threat of these limits being pushed, and this in turn created a need for an effective, non-intrusive communications upgrade.

Frogfoot required an off-the-shelf product which aligned with their business model, particularly one with the measurability their current product lacked.

Enter 3CX…

The Solution:

3CX presented a natural, seamless solution, as the software doesn’t require any invasive changes on behalf of its users.

The system was agile enough to accommodate for all the business needs of Frogfoot, yet still allowed for the brands capacity to conduct its own hosting.

In choosing 3CX, Frogfoot saw a multitude of key focus areas which required immediate attention addressed- namely measurability, reporting, enhanced functions, and reduced call-waiting times. The software allowed for a transition so effortless it entirely eradicated the need to say, “please bear with us, we’re changing systems”. Instead, it allowed for an easy, effective switch with no negative impact on performance.

The Implementation:

With the rollout of 3CX came a simple implementation and, with servers already being hosted internally, this was minimally invasive, allowing for immediate continuation of everyday work. If anything, the software allowed the brand more time to focus on what matters, as time consuming metrics such as facilitating the transition of numerous employees from hard desks to soft home locations could be facilitated in hours.

With a year-long remuneration option, costs were settled upfront, meaning to balancing of accounts and having to run from pillar to post assembling monthly invoices. Single sign-on capabilities also allowed for seamless integration with Office365, which resulted in an implementation process best described as “perfect”.

The Benefits:

Most importantly, however, are the benefits of this switch, which Frogfoot are happy to report can be found in abundance.

First off, one of the key features included a softphone compatible with both iPhone and Android systems. The idea presented to Frogfoot was essentially “here’s a product, but you can still transfer any existing resources you require” which meant eliminating the need for desk phones and hard locations entirely.

In fact, this softphone feature in particular stands out for field tech agents, as the benefits are immense. Calls can be monitored, spend can be evaluated or controlled, and there’s no need to claim back airtime or incur logistical hassle at a later stage- everything is centralised and catered for via the system.

It allows for transitioning to the new as conventional handsets are replaced and, in the event of staff increases, the process is up and running in next to no time. Zero admin, no deviating logistics- the brand is free to focus on actual work instead of diverting company resources.

The lack of hidden costs or license structures is an additional benefit, as is the concept of Data storage and boardroom capability. With the latter feature, a singular platform allows each individual user to host or attend private meetings as they need. No more worrying about cross platform headaches, with one caller on Zoom and another on Teams, as all it takes is a link and you’re good to go.

Call-flow designers allow for custom calls, analogue compatibility means configuration is not extensive, reporting functions cater for full performance breakdowns and metrics including who’s doing what, how well they’re performing and when they’re doing it, and, of course, the solution as a whole is essentially “tech made easy and accessible”.

We’ll close off with the words of Frogfoot IS Manager, Enzio Von Diest:

‘By selecting 3CX as our voice platform, Frogfoot has been able to accelerate its transition to a modern, feature packed and agile communications platform to facilitate the business to focus on its strategic objectives and pursuit of service excellence.’