Industry: Technology
Because of the nature of their business, Alphawave – a tech, software and electronics company – required fast Internet capabilities around-the-clock.

About Alphawave
Made up of 150 people (with more than 100 engineers, scientists and technicians), Alphawave create and innovate in software and electronics – providing products and services to clients in a wide range of industries.

Initially known as EMSS group – after acquiring a handful of smaller organisations – the company underwent a valuable re-branding exercise and launched the new Alphawave Group brand in May 2017.

The Business Challenge
Alphawave is a company that specialises in products and services like the Internet of Things (loT) and engineering, so it’s imperative that they are able to communicate with their customers 24/7. Despite previously having fibre from a local ISP, Alphawave’s connectivity needs weren’t being met.

Along with a high-speed connection, they also required a modern VoIP solution that could handle their telephony needs. “When approaching Vox for a solution, the free calls inherent in their VoIP offeringis what really caught our attention.” says Alphawave IT Manager, Hennie Rall.

The Business Solution
After contacting Vox about a high-speed, reliable and effective connectivity and voice solution, an account manager went to visit Rall on-site. Alphawave decided to adopt Vox’s Fibre-to-the-Business (FTTB) 50 Mbps uncapped broadband and FTTB Verto Supreme uncapped voice solutions. “We are very satisfied with Vox and have some good feedback especially around ease-of-use on phones and clarity of voice channels,” says Rall.

We are looking forward to a long and mutually-beneficial relationship with VoX:

Overall, Rall says that Alphawave’s staff are thrilled with the clarity of the voice channels, their ease of use, and that business can be conducted smoother as a result “We have reports that the voice quality has greatly improved over the previous on-site PABX we had,” he explains. “Thanks to the implementation of Vox services, we can also budget our telecommunications accurately.”

He adds that Vox has a very responsive and helpful service desk support service. “Feedback on problems as well as reports on root causes are accurate,” he says.

“We have received good service and prompt responses from Vox, and have a stable and reliable Internet/ VoIP system which keeps operations running efficiently.”

“We are looking forward to a long and mutually-beneficial relationship with Vox,” he adds. “My experience of Vox has been very satisfactory and I’ll happily recommend the company to others.”

We are very satisfied with Vox, especially with their ease-of-use on phones and clarity of voice channels.